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Joined: 01/02/2012
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Diagnosed with crohn's at age of 23 after losing 75lbs in three months. At the time, I had disease in my stomach and small intestine only. I achieved remission with Remicade and then lost insurance coverage, so was not on any medication for a few years. Maintained a tolerable level of health until I began suffering flares that couldn't be controlled with prednisone. I began taking Humira once a week and while that did help considerably, I still had significant disease and I began developing abcesses/fistulas. I had a resection of my terminal ileum and proximal colon. The decrease in symptoms allowed the abcessing to cease for awhile, though an extablished fistula tract to the skin remained. I achieved enough of a remission at age 29 for my GI dr to say it may be safe for me to attempt pregnancy. My husband and I were blessed with a healthy, beautiful baby girl born Dec 2010 by planned c-section. While pregnant, I did not take Humira, as I was concernd about possible side effects for my daughter (against my dr's advice). I had another bout of abcess/fistula after she was born. Impossible to know if I would have been sick if I stayed on my meds while pregnant or not...but I have never regretted my decision to be med-free during pregnancy. Three months after she was born, I had a colostomy and though the adjustment period was a little rough, I know it was the right decision for me. I know that crohns will always be a part of my life and who I am. I know that I will most likely not be able to maintain remission forever as my GI doctor has told me that I have "refractory/malignant" crohns, but I'm committed to doing everything I can to be well and keep hoping that new treatments are coming out. I do believe that I am a better person because I have been touched by disease. I believe that I have actually been given a gift that allows me to be more forgiving of others, to be of better service to others, to let the unimportant things in life slide and just embrace the life that I have. Sappy....yuk....just hope all those out there with crohns/ulcerative colitis and all who are sick can find health and well-being.

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