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Joined: 05/08/2012
My Story:
Diag with UC in 2007... Thought I had a bacterial infection from drinking out of the same cup as a dog (I've done worse). One peek with the sig, and doc was like "COLITIS!!!"

Played with the typical Mesalamine and Prednisone... Pred was the only thing that seemed to keep my guts, joint pain, and plantar Fascitis in check. So after 4 years of high to med. doses of that, my new Dr. (old one retired) said we have to get you off of the Pred. So I switched to Imuran, did a 6 week taper (off Pred), and was in very bad arthritis pain. I still haven't lost the Pred face and tummy, but I can live with that. The underfoot pain is my biggest problem at the moment (2012).

A loving wife, and 2 awesome school-aged children keep me from being too sad about my situation.

I try to take those "Life is Good" stickers as a needed reminder.


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