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    Hi to everyone! My name is Donna and I just turned 61. I have very severe Crohn's, and nothing will give me relief. I have taken every medicine, the last Humira. I am 5'6" and as of today I weigh 95#, I am starving to death! In the last month I have been to 2 ER's, and they refused treatment, as I have a chronic disease, which is NOT an emergency, I guess starving to death is not an ER problem. I have gone to my Dr., she is a Brand New Dr., that helps me as best she can. I had a GI Dr., but he is worthless. He has watched me loose 49#'s since 06-11, and done NOTHING! I went to see a colon surgeon last Friday, He was a waste of time, so cocky and full of himself, and told me he had no options for me! I am watching myself die, and it is hard on me, my husband, and our grandson that we have raised for 13 years! I cannot keep anything by mouth over 20-25 minutes, then I am on the toliet, for hours, and when I say anything, I mean anything my body "thinks" is food, like OJ! The pain is so severe, that it is not worth eating any longer, in fact I have to make myself eat, then prepare for the pain, 10-20 trips to the bathroom, plus a diaper at night! I am desperate to find help before this disease takes my life! I fought for disability and after 2 years I was granted medicare. The judge gave me 10 years of disability, but of course I was only paid for 2. Insurance is not a problem, I have medicare and Humana. Still I suffer.....WHY? I thank this community for allowing me to tell my story, and if anyone has any ideas, I would certainly appreciate them.

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