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Joined: 08/05/2012
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I was first diagnosed with UC in 2008 and took Asacol and Canasa for about a year before taking some advice from a friend and trying a strict gluten free diet. This diet erased my symptoms for a couple of years, despite testing negative for Celiac Disease twice. Earlier this year I began experiencing some symptoms again so I began implementing gluten back into my diet, and despite some minor issues, was able to do so successfully without a major flare.

I guess sometimes dietary changes can only help for so long! However, I am a big believer that what you eat plays a huge role in this condition. I find that I best tolerate bland foods when in a flare, especially bananas, bread, peanut butter, non-spiced soups and pasta. Red meat, tomato sauce, and citrus fruits (anything acidic really) cause major abdominal pain. I can tolerate fruits like apples and pears if I peel them first. Well cooked veggies tend to be ok too.

My most recent flare was about a week ago and it came about just as I was coming down with what I think is a sinus infection or serious cold. This happened just as I was about to undergo my second colonoscopy. Biopsy results showed moderate inflammation and further testing suggested that some of the inflammation was due to some type of infection. Now back on mesalamine enemas for a while to see if they will help.

This seems like a great online community and I am happy to be a part of it.

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