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My Story:
After 12 years of Ulcerative Colitis for which doctors gave me no other option than surgery, I cured myself of Ulcerative Colitis using self administered fecal transplants in June and July 2011. About 6 weeks after starting them I went into permanent remission when I added Bupropion and Silenor to my treatment regiment and went back on Apriso (mesalamine.) About 14 weeks after starting the fecal transplants a colonoscopy revealed significant patchy healing in my colon. My GI doctor was puzzled by the findings and thought it meant my illness was changing into Crohn's Disease, however I think it was another sign of the healing I was already experiencing.

Since that time I have been off all maintenance medications since I stopped taking Apriso in December 2011 and now place no restrictions on my diet. As of March 2013 I actually have better bowel movements and health now than I ever did before I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in June 1999 following my first flare.

I have had some people express skepticism of a "cure" since medical doctors in the U.S. currently define this illness as incurable. However as Dr. Thomas Borody points out in "Treatment of Ulcerative Colitis with Fecal Bacteriotherapy" (J. Gastroenterology 2003) there currently is no definition for complete sustained remission over an extended period without maintenance medications, so he suggests this could be called a "cure." I encourage everyone to read that article where he documents six patients with treatment resistant cases similar to mine who are now free of any signs of the illness and had been off maintenance medications completely anywhere from 1 - 13 years.

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