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Reply: Vague colitis dx
There are many varieties of colitis, each with its own treatment. This should give you a...More
Posted by sheba_q
Reply: Diagnosis
If you're early in the diagnosis stage, then I can understand why your doctor doesn't want...More
Posted by sheba_q
Reply: UC Rookie Questions
You have to remember that people generally post on these boards when they're having...More
Posted by sheba_q
First digestible pill approved by the FDA (article...
While we're still decades away from having nanites crawling through our bloodstream,...More
Posted by sheba_q
Reply: Length of remission with IBD?
I had a friend who had problems - not significant and not consistently - for over 15 years...More
Posted by sheba_q
Reply: joint pain with colitis?
I thought I was having arthritis type symptoms but it turned out to be high arches and...More
Posted by sheba_q
Reply: people with crohn's foods
I have ulcerative colitis and I've found that this seems to be a pretty decent IBD starter...More
Posted by sheba_q
Reply: help on what to eat after flare up
White rice/pasta/bread would probably be easy to eat. Maybe start with a few crackers with...More
Posted by sheba_q
Reply: diareaha
Have you been taking probiotics? Antibiotics kill off both the good and bad bacteria and...More
Posted by sheba_q
Reply: Are Crohns Disease and Diverticular Disease relate...
I don't know if this will make you feel any better, but what you're feeling is completely...More
Posted by sheba_q