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Joined: 04/07/2010
My Story:
I was diagnosed with UC in 2004 but by 2006 they figured out it was probably Crohn's. I've had symptoms since I was 10 or 11.
I also have a good number of other illnesses, the physical ones being trigeminal neuralgia, mixed vaso-depressor cardio-inhibitory response (some problem with heart rate/blood pressure regulation), and polycystic ovarian syndrome; and post-traumatic stress syndrome and depression in the not-purely-physical problems. (war survivor)
On account of all of that I take 16 prescriptions in addition to B12 shots and other vitamins. That's the part I really hate.
I sometimes disappear from the boards here mostly because I get very busy with work, but I'll check in occasionally and answer posts frequently as well as post my own questions when I'm around. My first and favorite board is the Colitis/Crohn's.

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