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Joined: 02/27/2010
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I had my first back surgery in April 1986. It kept me from becoming paralyzed but didn't reduce my pain. In 1989 I finally accepted my disability (after much trauma).

In April 2006 I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. April does not seem to be my best month.

I am currently taking Pentasa and Entocort EC along with Morphine and several PRN meds for pain.

In the non-prescription category I take probiotics, Prilosec, multivitamin, extra: Calcium, D3, Omega-3, B complex, Potassium, and L-Lysine. All on PCP orders.

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Good for you Barbara, I know how tempting it is to try every "cure" or treatment that you...More
Posted by AzJohnny
Reply: More Waiting
Wow Hannah, that GI is sounding less and less competent. I've heard of a few cases of...More
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Reply: Gary update
Thanks again Mindy. I hope the docs come to the right decision for him.
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Reply: Treatment is Picking Up
She sounds like a keeper. I hope she finds answers and gets you feeling better real soon.
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Reply: This "Exchange"
I've gotten pretty used to all of it except the lack of ability to tell which threads have...More
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Reply: Gary (momore) is in the hospital:(
Thanks for letting us know Mindy. I'm sorry he's in that state and I'm sure everyone can...More
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Reply: I just want some sleep.
I hope that heart murmur is one of those that isn't really important, Hannah, you don't...More
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Reply: Facebook?
Hi hippieremodeler, Welcome to WebMD Crohn's and Colitis Exchange. It would probably be...More
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Reply: Need advice
Hi Julie, I hope the resection has put you into a long remission. I haven't had a...More
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Reply: The New Health Plan
Gin, I haven't seen the actual bill but I haven't seen anything limiting any disease...More
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