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My Story:
I first had serious IBD symptoms in 2002. I was diagnosed with first UC in Jan 2003 and then later Crohn's. I currently manage it with Azathioprine. It took a long time to find a medicine and a dose that worked and didn't cause more issues.

After many years of near constant flares-I am doing pretty least right now!

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Reply: Remicade
Yikes! That sounds super scary! Hang in there.
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Older Child/Young Adult with IBD
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Reply: New here and have Crohns and Colitis
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Reply: September Roll Call
Awww I am sorry Gary.
Reply: Ostomy/Incision Pictures (Somewhat Graphic)
I write about old cookbooks and retro recipes.
Reply: Ostomy/Incision Pictures (Somewhat Graphic)
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Reply: Supplies
Oh no, I am so sorry to hear Gary is in the hospital. Keep us updated.