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Joined: 02/27/2010
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I am 42 years old, and I have had crohns since 2007. I had a resection in 2008, along with 3 different hernia repairs. I am delaying a new resection with a no/extremely low fiber diet,pentasa and Imuran. I suffer with daily pain from fibromylia, scar tissue and stricture pain.

I have two kids, a patient husband, two kitties, and baby mini rex bunny. I am in the hearing stage of waiting for SS disabilty, I hear my case is sitting on a judges desk. If I am really lucky, the case will be decided without a hearing, otherwise I hope to have a hearing this summer.

I spend my days, reading, playing with photography (my family thinks I am good, I think they are biased!), trying to train my bunny, playing half a$$ed housewife. :) and napping.

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