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I work as a Rad tech and as an EMT on the side. I have been diagnosed with Crohn's since June 07 but have had problems since 05. I'm currently on Remicade every 8 weeks along with many vitamins and probiotics. My Crohn's stays in check for the most part, I do tend to get sick often because of my lack of immune system and my place of work. I love to run and enjoy my time outside. I live next to the lake so I enjoy taking my dogs out there on nice days.

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Reply: Remicade & Pregnancy
Thank you so much Laura, I'm not pregnant yet.. But my OB wants to start me on a med to...More
Posted by jaimem92
Remicade & Pregnancy
Has anyone ever been on Remicade and been pregnant? Did you have any problems? My GI says...More
Posted by jaimem92
Been feeling really good
I'm so thankful to finally be feeling great. I honestly wouldn't even guess I had Crohn's...More
Posted by jaimem92
Reply: people with crohn's foods
When I'm flared up I can't have any dairy except milk, anything heavier makes me pretty...More
Posted by jaimem92
Reply: Crohns disease or Celiac?????????????
There's no way to know, unless we actually saw your test results. Because it could jsut as...More
Posted by jaimem92
Reply: Intestine Pain
I get them too.. I pretty much just bear through it, but it definitely feels like I'm...More
Posted by jaimem92
Reply: cdiff
C Diff doesn't have much to do with UC or Crohn's all C Diff is, is when all the good...More
Posted by jaimem92
So I started doing acupuncture.. I get a lot of joint pain and get headaches all the time....More
Posted by jaimem92
Reply: It has been soooo long since I have checked in.......
Glad to see you are doing well. I feel like I finally have a good balance for my...More
Posted by jaimem92
Reply: Bad reaction to Remicade
I always take benadryl and tylenol right when i get to the infusion center. One time I had...More
Posted by jaimem92