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Serving up a new debate daily, this is the place where putting up your dukes and defending your opinion is encouraged.

About This Community
The WebMD Community Talk Show is all about debating the topics that interest our members.

While this is a place where you can strongly defend your own opinions, we still ask that you adhere to WebMD's Terms of Use.

Please refrain from using profanity or attacking other members. It is fine to disagree with the opinions of another, but don't resort to name-calling.

Here is an example of what's acceptable and what is not:

Acceptable -- "I think your opinion stinks!"

No Acceptable -- "I think you stink!"

Have fun!

And, if you have suggestions for topics you'd like to debate, please send them to:

WebMD Talk Show

Feel like a friendly debate? Take the gloves off and defend your viewpoint.

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