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Dad Shoots Daughter's Laptop: Good Parenting?
It's been all over the news for the past several days: A dad posted a video on Facebook of him ...More
Posted by Olivia_WebMD_Staff
Single People Discrimination: Say What?
On the Today Show this morning, a panel discussed the topic of supposed discrimation against...More
Posted by Olivia_WebMD_Staff
Valentine's Day: Best and Worst Gifts
Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and many people have mixed feelings about the holiday....More
Posted by Olivia_WebMD_Staff
Madonna: Is There An Age Limit on Sexy?
At 53, Madonna is still touring and cavorting around on stage in sexy, revealing outfits. Other...More
Posted by Olivia_WebMD_Staff
Regulate Sugar Like Alcohol: Yes or No?
Researchers from the University of California, San Francisco, say that excess sugar is so bad for us...More
Posted by Olivia_WebMD_Staff
A Positive Influence: Pay It Forward
This came from a suggestion from Rachael67 to have a more positive discussion for this community now...More
Posted by Olivia_WebMD_Staff
Does too much sex on TV cause teenage promiscuity?
This topic is a spin on the topic suggested by Butterflygarden and seems timely with all the awards...More
Posted by Olivia_WebMD_Staff
Georgia Fat Kids Ad Campaign: Enlightening or Harm...
The state of Georgia has come under fire for it's very aggressive campaign against childhood ...More
Posted by Olivia_WebMD_Staff
Faulty Medical Devices: Who Should Pay?
Last month France was in the news due to breast implants gone bad. The company that manufactured the...More
Posted by Olivia_WebMD_Staff
Tattoos, Body Piercing for Kids: Parental Right?
Topic suggested by LovelyChelle8: Last week a Georgia mother was arrested after allowing her...More
Posted by Olivia_WebMD_Staff
Paula Deen: Dishin' Out Diabetes?
Well, this has been quite a week for comfort food queen Paula Deen. She announces she has diabetes ...More
Posted by Olivia_WebMD_Staff
TV Toddler Cursing: A Teaching Moment or Just Too ...
An activist group has asked that ABC pull this week's episode of Modern Family , which features...More
Posted by Olivia_WebMD_Staff
Perfumes and Fragrances in the Workplace, etc?
Hi everyone! This debate topic comes from member bobby75703: Perfume! For some it may smell...More
Posted by Olivia_WebMD_Staff
Are Unusual Names Good or Bad for a Child?
Songster couple Beyonce' Knowles and hubby Jay-Z welcomed a little baby girl to the world earlier...More
Posted by Olivia_WebMD_Staff
Smoke...but do it out there!
This is the time of year when many smokers decide to kick the habit. For those who continue to...More
Posted by Olivia_WebMD_Staff
Do all these people REALLY have ADHD?
The CDC reports that, as of 2007, 5.4 million children in the U.S . between the ages of 4 - 17 had...More
Posted by Olivia_WebMD_Staff
Topic Suggestions, Please!
Hi wonderful WebMD community members! We love coming up with topics for this board that we think...More
Posted by Olivia_WebMD_Staff
What are the most dangerous diet plans?
It's a new year, and lots of folks are resolving to lose weight. But, are all of them going about it...More
Posted by Olivia_WebMD_Staff
Things I hate most about going to the doctor...
It's a new year, and my work provides me sessions with a health coach. (Yep, I am lucky!) The only...More
Posted by Olivia_WebMD_Staff
Doc, you have to treat me!
With health care reform back in the news again, there are lots of discussions about whether doctors...More
Posted by Olivia_WebMD_Staff
He's cheating...will you tell?
You have a friend whose spouse or SO is cheating. Do you tell your friend? Or, do you keep it on the...More
Posted by Olivia_WebMD_Staff
Regifting: Thrifty or Rude?
It's the holidays, but this topic doesn't just pertain to this time of year. Gift-giving happens all...More
Posted by Olivia_WebMD_Staff
Vaccinate Your Child: Yes or No?
One of this year's top news stories was regarding the study on vaccines causing autism being...More
Posted by Olivia_WebMD_Staff
Breast Augmentation: Yes or No?
Over the years, breast augmentation has been all the rage in Hollywood, and it has seemed to get...More
Posted by Olivia_WebMD_Staff
The Santa Controversy: Is it lying?
Ho, ho...hold on a minute! I was recently involved in a conversation with some of my mom friends...More
Posted by Olivia_WebMD_Staff
Tanning Beds: Yes or No?
As winter goes on, many of us are missing our darker summer bodies. Some are even lucky enough to...More
Posted by Olivia_WebMD_Staff
Who is responsible for a bully?
If a kid is a bully at school, who is responsible for making him tow the line? Many parents say...More
Posted by Olivia_WebMD_Staff
Working Moms vs. Stay-at-Home Moms
A new study says working moms tend to be both healthier and happier than those who don't work...More
Posted by Olivia_WebMD_Staff

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