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Fast Food Regulation: Yes or No?
One of the most popular ongoing debates is whether fast food restaurants should be regulated...More
Posted by Olivia_WebMD_Staff
Should hCG diet products be OTC?
Recently, the FDA mandated that companies selling over-the-counter diet products containing hCG...More
Posted by Olivia_WebMD_Staff
Should we ID for energy drinks?
This year there has been a lot of discussion around energy drinks and their affect on health. In...More
Posted by Olivia_WebMD_Staff
Should co-workers hook up or date?
Office parties abound this time of year, and we always tend to hear whispers of this one and that...More
Posted by Olivia_WebMD_Staff
Spanking as Discipline: Yes or No?
To spank or not to spank? That is one of the more popular debates in our parenting communities here...More
Posted by Olivia_WebMD_Staff
Holiday Fundraising -- Yes or No?
Holiday fundraising. It's the time of year for ringing bells and multitudes of phone calls asking...More
Posted by Olivia_WebMD_Staff
What's the best candy of all-time?
Let's have some Friday Fun! The holidays are in full swing, and stores are full of more sweet...More
Posted by Olivia_WebMD_Staff
Do moms really multitask more than dads?
A new study says it's true , and that women are also more negatively impacted by those extra...More
Posted by Olivia_WebMD_Staff
Is childhood obesity the parents' fault?
ABC News reported on Sunday, Nov. 27, that a third-grader in Cleveland, Ohio, was removed from his...More
Posted by Olivia_WebMD_Staff
Holidays with your family or the inlaws?
Family Ties/Family Stress During the holidays who should you choose to spend time with...your...More
Posted by Olivia_WebMD_Staff
Circumcision -- Yes or No?
Circumcision has often been a hot topic on our men's and parenting boards here at WebMD. If you have...More
Posted by Olivia_WebMD_Staff
Should insurance cost more if you're obese?
Should overweight persons pay more for health insurance? Why or why not? Defend your position!
Posted by Olivia_WebMD_Staff
Welcome to the new Community Talk Show board!
The thought behind this space is that members will come here and engage with a new topic each day,...More
Posted by Olivia_WebMD_Staff

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