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Reply: Feeding Tubes to Lose Weight?
In my weight loss struggle, I have often said I wished I could just go on tube feeding...More
Posted by nursingbug
Reply: Do Docs Order Unnecessary Medical Tests?
It is a combo of factors- some is expectation on the patient's part- many expect testing...More
Posted by nursingbug
Reply: Perfumes and Fragrances in the Workplace, etc?
My workplace does not allow perfumes or anything strongly scented- there are many that...More
Posted by nursingbug
Reply: Are Unusual Names Good or Bad for a Child?
There are so many unusual names out there right now- unusual names are more the norm,...More
Posted by nursingbug
Reply: Smoke...but do it out there!
My mother died at 42 from lung cancer. My father died at 65 partly from COPD. My grandpa...More
Posted by nursingbug
Reply: Doc, you have to treat me!
In the er it is already a law that you must be treated, despite the ablitity to pay. So...More
Posted by nursingbug
Reply: Regifting: Thrifty or Rude?
Depends on the situation. If you really don't like it, and you know someone who will...More
Posted by nursingbug
Reply: The Santa Controversy: Is it lying?
I guess by the definition, it is a lie, but that is separate from if it is wrong or not....More
Posted by nursingbug
Reply: Working Moms vs. Stay-at-Home Moms
I wonder if it would be about the same. Other things can contribute to needing...More
Posted by nursingbug