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Reply: Birth Control Pills Over-the-Counter?
Respectively DeadManWalking - HUH? So for those too? Just take those right...More
Posted by socalsuz
Reply: Should Yearbooks Include Tribute Pages and Babies?...
Memory page - YES. I guess the suicide professionals might think it "glorifies" suicide...More
Posted by socalsuz
Reply: Was TV Anchorwoman Bullied?
WOW - What a story! I thought her response and views on bullying were just fantastic. I...More
Posted by socalsuz
Reply: Bagel Head and Other Weird Beauty Trends
That is so strange! It's school photo time here so I pulled out mine to show my kids....More
Posted by socalsuz
Reply: World Gratitude Day
I'm "old school" when showing gratitude. Mom's handwritten thank-you note's were...More
Posted by socalsuz
Reply: How do you feel about PDA?
My best friend and her family are double kissers and huggers. Her mom grew up in an...More
Posted by socalsuz
Reply: Are there jobs for the younger generation only?
I think there are careers better suited for the young - working at a summer camp with kids...More
Posted by socalsuz
Reply: If you could have an Olympic physique...?
Love to watch men's and women's gymnastics and diving - the things the human body can do...More
Posted by socalsuz
Reply: Have you changed since high school?
I went to my 20 year class reunion a few summers ago. Personally, I'm much, much happier...More
Posted by socalsuz
Reply: Are you entitled to anything from your doctor?
I don't think I'm entitles to free care - just like I wouldn't want a doctor demanding...More
Posted by socalsuz

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