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Joined: 12/06/2011
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Going through some very harsh life realities, of love and marriage. I am 23 trying to understand things no 23 yr old should have to. Seeing a therapist, and trying to forget about being depressed. I ride horses, love my dog, and naturally love life, but life sometimes doesnt love me. I like all of the blogs on the Couples Coping and Relationships, also the Debate blog is quite spicy at times :) Thanks for stopping in!

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Reply: Summer Memories
Well of course! The best is sitting on the porch in sweatpants/shirt and sipping hot...More
Posted by Bulley1030
Reply: Summer Memories
Hate summer... go Fall! Football starts the cold weather is awesome for bon fires,...More
Posted by Bulley1030
Reply: Should kids attend adult movies?
To me if it's PG-13 or higher rated then no. Especially that late at night. To me it...More
Posted by Bulley1030
Reply: Is Good Grammar Important in the Workplace?
I totally agree with this "text talk." I'm 23 and apparently waaaay out of the texting...More
Posted by Bulley1030
Reply: If you could have an Olympic physique...?
I do not know any atheletes by name, but my favorite sport is the equestrian. I love the...More
Posted by Bulley1030
Reply: How much would you spend to save your pet?
I love my dogs, but I can only spend what I have, and $11,0000 is not how much I have....More
Posted by Bulley1030
Reply: Addicted to Your Smartphone?
I love my smart phone. I just bought it a few months ago and love the convenience of...More
Posted by Bulley1030
Reply: April Fool's Day: Love it? Hate it?
So is that an early april fools? If not that is horrible. I couldn't imagine the hurt...More
Posted by Bulley1030
Reply: Rihanna and Chris Brown: Forgive Abuse?
you need a fan page haha
Posted by Bulley1030
Reply: Breastfeeding in Public: Beautiful or Rude?
it is a natural beautiful gift mothers have to give to their children. I think if it is...More
Posted by Bulley1030

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