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Reply: Sex Ed in Public Schools?
ProfTim, I couldnt agree with you more, when i first read this post, the first...More
Reply: Should the government force you to have insurance?
Would you consider it to be a poor choice not to have health insurance? So do...More
Reply: How Do You Feel With The Election Over?
I work in the health care industry and it is absolutely sad what medicare covers...More
Reply: Election Trash Talk
I know that we pay into Social Security and I am well aware that when I retire...More
Reply: How Do You Feel With The Election Over?
You were terribly upset that your congresswoman, lost her election, do you...More
Reply: How Do You Feel With The Election Over?
Olivia, I am relieved it is over, I am glad that I dont have to listen to...More
Reply: Rescuing Those Who Ignore Mandatory Evacuations
Tim, First off thank you for your years of service. I would have to agree with...More
Reply: Election Trash Talk
First off how many presidents promised to cut the defecit and increased it? Not...More
Reply: Election Trash Talk
I cant stand any of it, it makes me feel like im in 6th grade again. That the...More
Reply: Most Important 2012 Election Issues?
You make some very strong points, I completely agree with following the...More

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