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Reply: Ban on "Supersize" Drinks in NYC?
Todd id have to agree with you. But the manufacturers know that with all that...More
Reply: Why are Americans Obese?
Where do i begin...First thing that comes to mind is that American's are very...More
Reply: Octomom Going Bankrupt: What do you think?
I for one do not have a prejudice against single moms. I would watch some...More
Reply: Adults Behaving Badly: Worse Today?
LOL totally posted this on the wrong thread...whoops talk about irony
Reply: Adults Behaving Badly: Worse Today?
Before reading that article i would have considered the amount of chemicals and...More
Reply: Adults Behaving Badly: Worse Today?
Yes the behavior has gotten worse over the years, but with social media and...More
Reply: Should the government force you to have insurance?
I agree...but lets be honest, the government hasnt abided by the constitution...More
Reply: Who is responsible for a bully?
Dale Jr. great points. A wise man once told me that everyone needs a good butt...More
Reply: Online Dating: Luckier in Love?
I have never tried an online dating site...nor will I. I have heard the good and...More

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