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Reply: Birth Control Pills Over-the-Counter?
This is a huge deal. ACOG didn't make this recommendation lightly. At the very least it is...More
Posted by Jeune1
Reply: Election Trash Talk
Trash talk during U.S.politics is as old as U.S. politics. (But at least opponents don't...More
Posted by Jeune1
Reply: What noises bother you most?
The sound of one hand clapping. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)More
Posted by Jeune1
Reply: Was TV Anchorwoman Bullied?
Add me to the unpopular column, for the reasons you stated. I also find it impossible to...More
Posted by Jeune1
Reply: Most Important 2012 Election Issues?
The establishment of an incentive program that would reward news outlets from covering the...More
Posted by Jeune1
Reply: Bagel Head and Other Weird Beauty Trends
First I want to remind all of my fellow women that the person who said "Il faut souffrir...More
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Reply: Pre-employment Medical Tests: Is 100% honesty req...
I tell you the first thing I'd do: Make bloody sure the potential employer had an air-tight...More
Posted by Jeune1
Reply: World Gratitude Day
My friends, books & beer.
Posted by Jeune1
Reply: Doctor sued over fatal crash by patient with demen...
Frankly, I'd rather share the road with 10 people with early stage Alz's than 5 otherwise...More
Posted by Jeune1
Reply: Doc Won't Treat Patients Over 200 Pounds
Excellent point about BMI. Anyone want to tell an NFL linebacker he's fat? Didn't think so. ...More
Posted by Jeune1