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In 2003 I had a trigger finger release surgery. During anesthesia, a pneumothorax occurred resulting in a chest tube. Unfortunately it wasn't in the correct place and had to be removed and reinserted. I now have intersostal and chest wall damage causing chronic pain. I did the usual with trying antidepressant ,neurological and pain medications which I could not tolerate. Nerve blocks and steroid shots were of little help. In 2004 I had a Spinal Cord Stimulator implanted which I still have and due to age will soon have to be replaced. In 2007 I had an Intrathecal Pump implanted and I have Morphine and Bupivacaine in that which has been helping. Feb. 2012 I began having pain and tingling around the pump site with tingling traveling down my left leg resulting in frequent falling. My pain management doctor tried different things to resolve the problem and last week I had a disectomy due to a bulging disc the doctor thought may be the problem. I am still having the pain and tingling but not quite as strong and hope with time, that will go away. Tomorrow I get my pump filled and will tell the doctor my progress. All of this over a finger surgery! I continue to keep upbeat and stay positive and found volunteering at 4 facilities helps me to stay this way inspite of the days I have a "10" on the pain scale. My three granddaughters brighten up my life along with the support from my husband of 43 years and three grown children.

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Reply: What are you thankful for?
I am thankful for my husband of 43 years hanging in there with me as I deal with chronic...More
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