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Reply: What are you thankful for?
I am thankful for my wonderful wife of 24.5 years. I am thankful for two great young...More
Posted by davedsel57
Reply: Facial Hair and Men: Love It or Hate It?
I maintain a full beard and mustache almost all of the time and have done so for about...More
Posted by davedsel57
Reply: Summer Memories
The annual Ford company picnic at the now defunct Crystal Beach Amusement Park near Fort...More
Posted by davedsel57
Reply: Ban on "Supersize" Drinks in NYC?
No, these measures will not help cut down on obesity. Ironically, I read this article...More
Posted by davedsel57
Reply: What is the BEST thing you learned from your mom?
Happy Mother's Day to all who are mothers!! My mother-in-law is wonderful. My wonderful...More
Posted by davedsel57
Reply: Are You Careful What You Say Online?
Yes, I am very careful what I post, especially on a public message board like the WebMD...More
Posted by davedsel57
Reply: Feeding Tubes to Lose Weight?
I'm on warfarin (blood thinner) for a history of blood clots. I can't have vitamin K. ...More
Posted by davedsel57
Reply: Should sick co-workers stay home?
We raised our boys with the following practice for not going to school: If you are...More
Posted by davedsel57
Reply: Should the government force you to have insurance?
Only if they will pay the premiums or make them much less expensive. Health care...More
Posted by davedsel57
Reply: Downsized Candy Bars: Is Less Really More?
What I think is more shocking than this is the up-sized candy bars now on the market....More
Posted by davedsel57

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