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Reply: What noises bother you most?
Basketball on tv. I almost can't stand the squeeling of their shoes. Idiots who can...More
Posted by marysings
Reply: Would you tell if you saw someone cheating?
I don't think I would tell. I would not like being in the middle of a marital dispute. ...More
Posted by marysings
Reply: What office behavior bugs you most?
When someone uses the speaker on their phone and they are not in an office, but out in...More
Posted by marysings
Reply: Do Docs Order Unnecessary Medical Tests?
We live in a nation of "sue-happy" people. Doctors have to CYA all the time. It's a...More
Posted by marysings
Reply: Should Employers Have Access to Your Facebook?
No, no, no. What an employee does in their free time awake from work is not public...More
Posted by marysings
Reply: Does it really matter who is President?
I'm not so concerned who is elected but I want 1. better health care options 2. no...More
Posted by marysings
Reply: Regulate Sugar Like Alcohol: Yes or No?
Are you kidding? That's the craziest thing I've ever heard of! I would say some...More
Posted by marysings
Reply: A Positive Influence: Pay It Forward
At one time we had a pastor's wife who never shut off all the lights at night. There were...More
Posted by marysings
Reply: Smoke...but do it out there!
I don't think it is wrong to tell smokers they have to be outside of the building to...More
Posted by marysings
Reply: Regifting: Thrifty or Rude?
I believe in regifting as opposed to just letting something sit in the closet when...More
Posted by marysings

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