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What are you thankful for?
Thanksgiving is coming up next week. Instead of debating today, let's take a...More
How Do You Feel With The Election Over?
Looking around social media today, I see elation and disappointment, but I also...More
Election Trash Talk
As the election gets down to the wire it seems the trash-talking and mudslinging...More
What noises bother you most?
WebMD editorial staff just published this interesting story about The 10 Most...More
Was TV Anchorwoman Bullied?
Jennifer Livingston, a TV anchor in La Crosse, Wis., checked her email a couple...More
Most Important 2012 Election Issues?
This year's presidential election is coming into the home stretch. We know...More
Bagel Head and Other Weird Beauty Trends
Do some people carry weird body-altering beauty trends too far? Take a look at...More
World Gratitude Day
Something positive for today. Let's remember even the little things that bring...More
Ban Chocolate Milk in Schools?
School officials in Decatur, GA, have proposed banning chocolate milk for...More
Facedeals: Social Media Big Brother?
With the new " Facedeals" app , a camera uses facial recognition to offer you...More

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