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Does a 4-year-old need email?
Rapheal Halberthal and Tom Galle are two tech savvy guys who have created Maily,...More
How do you feel about PDA?
Check out this New York Times article about The Public Kiss . Then, tell...More
If you could have an Olympic physique...?
The 2012 Olympic Games is in full swing in London, and most of us are tuning in...More
Should kids attend adult movies?
When the tragedy in Colorado took place, one of the discussions that came out of...More
Health Care Worker Spreads HepC on Purpose?
I just read this expanding story, and I am sure WebMD will cover it tomorrow as...More
Addicted to Your Smartphone?
Everywhere you go these days you see someone talking, texting, playing...More
How much would you spend to save your pet?
This Florida family may end up spending more than $11,000 to save their beloved...More
15-yr-olds and Younger Waxing?
There appears to be a bit of controversy on the 'Net around this company's ad ...More
Have you changed since high school?
We, unfortunately, hear too often about high school bullying. And sometimes it...More
Are you entitled to anything from your doctor?
Our own Dr. Rod Moser posted this interesting story on his blog not too long ago...More

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