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Supreme Court Upholds Most of Health Care Law
Breaking News : The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld most of the Affordable...More
Work Uniforms -- What crosses the line?
A waitress in California recently sued her company when they allegedly fired...More
End of Life: The Right to Choose?
A Canadian Supreme Court Justice recently ruled in favor of physician-assisted...More
What Does the First Lady Know About Nutrition?
First Lady, Michelle Obama, has a new book out -- American Grown: The Story of...More
Facial Hair and Men: Love It or Hate It?
Mustaches seem to be making a comeback on the men's fashion scene. Did you know...More
Do Men Make Women Fat?
Yes, another story about weight, but a different spin on it. In her book, ...More
New Mental Disorder: 'Truman Show' Delusion?
Just read this story on HuffPo about a possible new mental disorder called ...More
Ban on "Supersize" Drinks in NYC?
New York City Mayor Bloomberg wants to limit restaurants, movie theatres and...More
Summer Memories
After a long weekend, I thought it might be soothing to talk about a lighter...More
No More Internet Anonymity?
I just read that lawmakers are proposing legislation that would put an end to...More

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