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Reply: Why are Americans Obese?
too much proccessed foods and Americans work longer so depend on fast food too much...More
Posted by jis4judy
Reply: Octomom Going Bankrupt: What do you think?
Hi I have never really liked too many reality shows and would not watch them anyway my...More
Posted by jis4judy
Reply: Octomom Going Bankrupt: What do you think?
a persons mariltal status seems to be the only thing that differs her from other women who...More
Posted by jis4judy
Reply: Should Employers Have Access to Your Facebook?
I agree anon _999 employees should not be useing FB at work that might be the issue that...More
Posted by jis4judy
Reply: Downsized Candy Bars: Is Less Really More?
Hi I am sure that any corporation is makeing changes to increase their cash flow less...More
Posted by jis4judy
Reply: Will your doctor fire you?
Hi Olivia I had to part ways with a doctor because I wasn;t willing to take a med he...More
Posted by jis4judy
Reply: Dad Shoots Daughter's Laptop: Good Parenting?
I went and looked at the video and I think the dad was angry and everything he did was...More
Posted by jis4judy
Reply: Madonna: Is There An Age Limit on Sexy?
well I think No age limit on sexy the others are right Maddona looked awsome last night...More
Posted by jis4judy
Reply: Tattoos, Body Piercing for Kids: Parental Right?
well this is interesting I took my daughter to get her ears pierced when she was 9 years...More
Posted by jis4judy
Reply: Perfumes and Fragrances in the Workplace, etc?
I think perfumes do not belong in the wiorkplace . especially hospitals and the like even...More
Posted by jis4judy

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