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Reply: What noises bother you most?
I could narrow it down to ANY loud and/or loud and sudden noise. They terrify me and make me...More
Posted by ddnos
Reply: Feeding Tubes to Lose Weight?
I would absolutely NOT use a feeding tube to lose weight quick! I don't believe that it would...More
Posted by ddnos
Reply: Should the government force you to have insurance?
I think healthcare should be free to all, like in other countries. Some might say that we...More
Posted by ddnos
Reply: 8-Yr-Old Dies of Cancer, Parents Jailed: Justified...
I heard this story and there's NO doubt in my mind that those parents were neglegent and it...More
Posted by ddnos
Reply: Does too much sex on TV cause teenage promiscuity?
I think how much sex is in the media (TV, movies, Internet) it's a sad commentary on our...More
Posted by ddnos

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