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Reply: Does a 4-year-old need email?
Ohh please!!! Children need to remain children. Yes the world has changed but...More
Reply: Ban on "Supersize" Drinks in NYC?
Sedentary lifestyle makes people fat. Banning large drinks is simple...More
Reply: What is the BEST thing you learned from your mom?
My mom taught me to be independent and to always take care of self. She told me...More
Reply: Have you changed since high school?
I recently went to my ten year class reunion. I was told that i look the same. I...More
Reply: Are you entitled to anything from your doctor?
Free care??? There is nothing in life thats free. The patient is entitled to the...More
Reply: Doctor sued over fatal crash by patient with demen...
The doctor can only do so much. He cant police his patients. I know of someone...More
Reply: How do you feel about PDA?
I think there is nothing wrong with public affection, for anyone. Why does it...More
Reply: Supreme Court Upholds Most of Health Care Law
Good decision. Sometimes we have to look at the big picture, As a full time...More
Reply: Doc Won't Treat Patients Over 200 Pounds
I think its silly. There is equipment that can assit with care for heavier...More
Reply: Should Yearbooks Include Tribute Pages and Babies?...
I think a memory page is an awesome idea. I had a classmate die when i was in...More

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