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Reply: Have you changed since high school?
I've changed. I was always tolerant but susceptible to bullying. I have far more...More
Posted by RicRatCat
Reply: Ban on "Supersize" Drinks in NYC?
So instead of buying a 32oz drink, I would can buy two 16oz drinks. THAT makes a...More
Posted by RicRatCat
Reply: Octomom Going Bankrupt: What do you think?
I'm an old rocker from the 80's but won't watch a reality show about Ozzy. Why would I...More
Posted by RicRatCat
Reply: Will Repeal of Affordable Care Act Affect You?
I most certainly should be repealed! Our economy is still in the dumps. With the jobless...More
Posted by RicRatCat
Reply: Adults Behaving Badly: Worse Today?
I agree that social media had played a major role- it's caused a vicious circle. With...More
Posted by RicRatCat
Reply: Breastfeeding in Public: Beautiful or Rude?
Americans are such prudes! We tend to be offended by the most inane things. Perversion,...More
Posted by RicRatCat
Reply: Will your doctor fire you?
I don't think a doctor should be able to "fire" a patient if they opt not to have their...More
Posted by RicRatCat
Reply: Paula Deen: Dishin' Out Diabetes?
I think her cooking gives her the perfect platform and makes her the ideal person to act...More
Posted by RicRatCat
Reply: Should insurance cost more if you're obese?
This is a tough call. I feel that yes, the obese should be charged more. There is a...More
Posted by RicRatCat

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