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Reply: Can compulsive gambling be related to depression
I have heard that experiences vary widely with counselors - some get right to the heart of the problem and...More
Posted by rohvannyn
Includes Expert Content
Reply: brintellix
Thanks. As I understood it, this is a step toward possibly discontinuing prozac (well, if brintellix...More
Posted by littlepickle
Reply: Having a rough time looking to the future
Your wrong An_262162, dont say I have no responsibility or accountability if you dont know me. And no you...More
Posted by eagleboy7678
Reply: why is life worth living
Hi quazmom. Wow, that's alot to endure in a life. I "665/E0Ffor you. I wanted to express my sincerest...More
Posted by cloudedkittens
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Just one dose of Cymbalta can change you?
I became suicidal, violent and even more depressed. My wife could not believe I was the same person. No one...More
Posted by kat_lover
Gene c677t
I have a new Dr. that after years of fighting with depression finally tested for a gene mutation. The mutation...More
Posted by beckyal
Reply: my apartment and being frozen
Oh, do I ever know what you mean. I felt that many times in my life. Your statement " I need to start packing....More
Posted by cindigal
Reply: Depression
make sure to let the ECT doctors know that you are still depressed despite treatment. May an...More
Reply: Helping a friend who won't speak
I think you do the best you can- as you have- and be supportive. If she starts failing to eat,...More
Reply: fighting depression for years has worn me out. How...
Worn out is a common feeling and am sorry you feel this aspect of depression. Try to find some...More
Reply: Seriously?
Hi- I agree. I would dos etherapy like a medication. If you hhave tried the full dose of therapy...More
Reply: What is the point?
I can attest that it does get better. Depression is such a tangled beast. It does effect every part of our...More
Posted by An_260789
Reply: motivation and sleep issues
I read the posts on this web site to help me feel a little less alone in the wilderness of life. I also...More
Posted by excelsius
Reply: don't feel like doing anything
thank you letsgofishin for the advice.
Posted by daynas1234
Reply: afraid to live
Hi Jenny Staying in your comfort zone, where everything is familiar and you know what is expected of you is...More
Posted by sw3tflower
Reply: really a bad day!
Get some sleep. Tomorrow will be better.
Posted by sw3tflower
Reply: 35 years of fighting depression. Will it never end
sounds good
Posted by sw3tflower

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35 years of fighting depression, will it never end?
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Reply: Gender Dysphoria - Gender Identity Disorder
Hi Valerie! You aren't kidding about the depression transfolk can get. Especially those who are kept from...More
Posted by rohvannyn
depression and Lexapro Liquid
Just started taking Lexapro Liquid /only took two mg(RX is 10MG) and it's kinda making things worse. Am...More
Posted by donnarobins

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anyone had problems with dosage amt. of Lexapro liquid ?
depression and Lexapro Liquid
Just started taking Lexapro Liquid /only took two mg(RX is 10MG) and it's kinda making things worse. Am...More
Posted by donnarobins

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anyone had problems with dosage amt. of Lexapro liquid ?
Reply: Living with husband who refuses help
I suffer from depression and have committed the same sins to my formerly understanding but now fed up wife. I...More
Posted by angeles49
Reply: At deaths door
Hi, I noticed nobody has responded yet so I wanted to give you a reply. You've been through quite a bit of...More
Posted by rohvannyn
Reply: TMS
Hi. I've had about 25 treatments so far of my 36 total and it is helping. I've noticed gradual improvement. I...More
Posted by jim531
Reply: My boyfriend suffers with clinical agitated depres...
Sorry you are having such a tough time. I take it you are paying for everything since he doesn't work? It...More
Posted by rohvannyn
Reply: need help
How are you doing now ???
Posted by denfaro
Reply: I'm not sure...
Hay An_261933! how are you, its such a great about your job but you should care about your daughter. have...More
Posted by marklewis1
What is it now??
at the age of ten I often retreated from the constant fighting n screaming to the basement. I often...More
Posted by sittingbull594
Reply: New member
I highly suggest you seeking local help. There are a few wonderful organizations that you should look into...More
Posted by momuv4girls
I have ruined my life
I am going to try to talk openly about my situation so I can start recovering. I have lived many years knowing...More
Posted by rgelman
Reply: looking for help
Hi, I'm glad you wrote. I have 2-daughters that struggle with depression, and it would make me sad if I...More
Posted by momuv4girls

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Thomas L. Schwartz, MD, received his medical degree from and completed his residency in adult psychiatry at the State University of New York (SUNY) Up...More

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Sexual Problems from Meds..What to do!Expert
Serotonin type antidepressants can cause 5-30% of the time- sexual problems such as no orgasm, impotence, no libido. Consider that ... More
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