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I am at point where I am not even looking for happy place just a place where I can get by. Ive gone off...More
Posted by justadad19363
Depressed and feeling out of control
I am so depressed and overwhelmed with anxiety. I am struggling every day to survive. Money seems to be the...More
Posted by An_258835
Maybe someone can tell me what to do????
Hey everybody, I am suffering really bad. I think I have always been prone to depression, but now it has...More
Posted by An_258597
WORRIED teenager suicidal
My daughter who is now 19. Has been battling depression for years. She said in a discussion last night that...More
Posted by An_258814
Empty and Lonely
I don't want to give up, but at the same time I'm know I can't do this on my own. I don't really know what...More
Posted by soxfan2709
NO one to talk to....
I feel uncomfortable talking to my family. I have struggled with depression for a long time..
Posted by AngelaH88150
I didn't know this was a thing...
I'm pretty late into this discussion but I can say one thing with certainty and that is it's...More
Posted by godisintheneurons
Having depression after moving away from home
I have been dealing with severe major depression for over a decade. I finally got it under control for a...More
Posted by kitten100185
Feeling sick of life
I have Asperger's Syndrome and OCD. Latelly I've felt like I don't want to live anymore. I wake up and I have...More
Posted by An_258777
I dont know what to say to be honest, this life of mine sucks! I been on counseling theraphies for 2 weeks...More
Posted by jians
just wanted to say hii More
Posted by dem17
So tired...
I've had depression (and panic disorder + generalized anxiety) for most of my life and right now I feel like...More
Posted by An_258766
Would it be acceptable or openly received if I contact my husband's doctor directly? He is majorly...More
Posted by An_258753
I just feel
like I have no answers. I struggle daily to deal. I used to think I could just power thru. Now I dont...More
Posted by justadad19363
My 27 yr old son has bipolar disorder. He has been taking Risperdal, Lithium and Lamictal. Recently he asked...More
Posted by meachmom
Dr. S. need advise on troubling symptoms, not sure...
I've been on Paxil CR almost 3 mos. , one tablet in the morning and it has helped w/depression. For about 9...More
Posted by Anon_963
Alone but not completely
I am the wife of an over the road truck driver. I am experiencing a deeper depression than I have ever...More
Posted by middlesister22
Cry Alone
Been on antidepressant for 17 years on and off. I am from Japan. My depression is cry alone. When I go to see...More
Posted by An_258709
Homeless and Depressed
I'm not sure where else to turn. I've tried everything in the town that my family and I live in but there is...More
Posted by An_258676
Robin WIlliams
Since so many were affected by his death, and since he will be missed so much, I wanted to start a discussion...More
Posted by rohvannyn
Counting the days until I die
I'm not sure if I can explain my thoughts in a way that can be easily understood, but I'll try. I'm currently...More
Posted by An_258671
drug induced akathisia
My daughter was diagnosed about 2 weeks ago with it. I'm so scared about her health. Plus the fact school is...More
Posted by boots1979
Intrusive Thoughts
It all started when my cousin died when I was 6. He was my only friend. And because I lost my friend...More
Posted by sabrinar26
counseling and theraphy
Last week was my first attempt to go to a counselor to have my depression be treated, he told me that the...More
Posted by jians
no help anywhere
Hello, I'm new here. I used to be on an anti-depression medication. I am actually still supposed to be...More
Posted by needsdirection13
A Better Day
In case you haven't read my previous post ... I've been struggling with depression my whole life but it has...More
Posted by onecatriot
Experience with Meds and Counseling
About a year ago my doctor put me on Lexapro and told me to go seek counseling. She said that it appears I've...More
Posted by cwu007
Don't think I can take it anymore!
Got hurt, lost my cheating wife, raising two girls on my own. Living with parents! NO SELF ESTEEM LEFT!!! No...More
Posted by An_258597

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