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Advice, any beneficial please on Major Depression
I am 33 years old and I live in a smaller suburb city in upstate of South Carolina. I was diagnosed with...More
Posted by An_261998
At deaths door
Almost 2 years ago my Mom died, then I lost my job 30 days later. I was on unemployment for over a year. In...More
Posted by justgaveup
Includes Expert Content
I was just released from a psych unit 2 weeks ago after receiving ect. I'm still receiving outpatient ect as...More
Posted by An_261950
I'm not sure...
Hello all, This is my first time on this community. I have no idea where to start. I recently found a full...More
Posted by An_261933
My boyfriend suffers with clinical agitated depres...
Okay so I have been with my boyfriend for 8 months now, rocky start as he was buying a house with someone else...More
Posted by jesseeka
What is it now??
at the age of ten I often retreated from the constant fighting n screaming to the basement. I often...More
Posted by sittingbull594
Hello, I have been receiving TMS treatments for the last four days. The day that I was evaluated my...More
Posted by mariquita1945
New member
Hi , iam new in this support community, I have been diagnosed withdepression, but I am resistent to taking...More
Posted by louna68
I have ruined my life
I am going to try to talk openly about my situation so I can start recovering. I have lived many years knowing...More
Posted by rgelman
need help
I suffer from major depression disorder. My doctor has been trying different medications but hasn't found...More
Posted by limekilngirl
afraid to live
Has anyone feel afraid to live? I am not happy in my life but the fear of making major changes, getting...More
Posted by jenny2679
looking for help
I have been feeling really down and empty. I went to see you guidance counselor once. I really want to tell...More
Posted by An_261845
why is depression so hard to fight? and stress and aggitation it hard to keep under control sometimes? i take...More
Posted by An_261813
Feeling Down
I can relate. I have battled depression and keeping everything inside for a lot of years. A few years ago I...More
Posted by An_261808
Feeling Down
I can relate. I have battled depression and keeping everything inside for a lot of years. A few years ago I...More
Posted by An_261808
I am currently suffering from ocd and anxiety, which I will begin talking to a professional very soon. But...More
Posted by mindful2015
Looking for help
I am very stressed. I have disappointed my parents many times because it feels like I cannot ever confide...More
Posted by freddyfences
New to the group
A person who works with me on mental health issues siad this would be a good group for me to join. I am...More
Posted by catelephas
Tanning booth therapy for depression
I am really struggling this winter with depression/anxiety. While it is a normal occurrence for me, this nasty...More
Posted by needsun

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i need help with my depression
Hey i have been dealing with my depression for about 4 years now. I have also have anxiety issues and...More
Posted by diamondbunny92
don't see an end
I'm having a hard time with - well, everything - and can't see myself climbing out of this latest sinkhole...More
Posted by littlepickle
Question about Lexapro
Hi — I am looking to start on 5mg of Lexapro. Previously, I have been on 10mg of Lexapro, which has...More
Posted by badger28
My spouse has depression... Its very hard to deal with. Its hard to understand that the person you love loves...More
Posted by An_261683
How to stay motivated
I am a junior at college and before now I have been able to manage my depression. All of a sudden I realized...More
Posted by An_261656
Feeling lost.
I'm at the moment in my life in which the decisions I make can change my life for the better or for worse. I...More
Posted by An_261637

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Thomas L. Schwartz, MD, received his medical degree from and completed his residency in adult psychiatry at the State University of New York (SUNY) Up...More

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