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Four years ago I woke one morning and said out loud, "I need a dog!" This need came from a feeling of a...More
Posted by An_257863
no purpose to persue
My life had a purpose to get up out of house and bed. That is about to be done away with because of what...More
Posted by eliza1950
Truly a waste of skin
At this point in my life, I can now see that I have wasted mine and everyones time on this earth. I am in...More
Posted by worthless50
How long will it take? (OD)
How long will it take for 20 mg of 20 pills of Prozac to flush out of my body? I took it the other day at...More
Posted by An_257843
Years of pain
I hate myself and always had. I have no social life anymore, only my boyfriend who doesn't want to do much with...More
Posted by nublu
So Lonely
Hi I love people but do not have anyone I can count on. Always belonged to a small group but not I don't...More
Posted by An_257780
How do I figure out what I do?
Hi, I am new here but I have had depression for years. I have no support because nobody I know understands....More
Posted by chris1948
I can remember...
The Dr I was seeing about 5 yes ago diagnosed me with possible dissociative disorder. I still don't understand...More
Posted by semed
Should I give up?
I am a Chinese, I live in China. 2 years ago, I was in America as an exchange student. I met many...More
Posted by rainfallingdown
How can I prevent this depression? Doctor reply is...
I know I am going to get very depressed, very soon, and dread it. My 90 year old mother just had an...More
Posted by sw3tflower
Depression Workbook
Hello, I've been struggling with depression for a few years, and have had the bad habit of just ignoring it,...More
Posted by candyace
Never Ending Cycle
I too have been dealing with depression for most of my life. I have been on more medications then I can count...More
Posted by sofiemay
I don't know what to do
I don't understand why I did this today. But yet again, I don't really understand much of anything....More
Posted by xxthatsnotmynamexx
I don't understand any of this anymore.
Hey..everyone. I haven't ever done this before, so bear with me. My name's Natalie, I'm 17, and I'm...More
Posted by xxthatsnotmynamexx
Coming out of depression
When you're leaving a depressive episode, do you find that it's still hard to enjoy things, or to...More
Posted by whatsupbuttercup
suicidal behavior...silent requests
When is enough is enough? I have realized it is the best for "loved ones"
Posted by An_257681

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Toxic Relationship
Thank you all for your consideration and support. I am getting a divorce and even though it is not done, I...More
Posted by goodanddone
Dealing with Father's day
My Father died in 1998 on my 35th birthday a very respected man. I can't go on my birthday as that is...More
Posted by beautifulbuffalo
Dealing with Depression
My name is Abbi and I deal with depression. I've dealt with it since I was 13 years old and it's been 5 years...More
Posted by An_257650
Includes Expert Content
Generic antidepressants
Hi I was wondering if it was just me that has issues with several different generic antidepressants not...More
Posted by An_257633
Dealing with Depression
Hi Guys, recently I have realised that I may be suffering from some sort of depression. I am travelling at...More
Posted by rebekah2281
Includes Expert Content
Gastric Bypass and Anti-Depressant
My mother is on Celexa for depression and she is a gastric bypass patient. She was told by her PCP that this...More
Posted by mremillard
Includes Expert Content
Multiple Antidepressants?
Hey all! Does anyone have experience with multiple antidepressants? I'm experiencing a bit of a...More
Posted by whatsupbuttercup
Depression and anger management
Usually when I get upset, angry,depressed. I internalize all the feelings. And then something will get my ire...More
Posted by abcrepes
32 year old wife died last year and I'm sabatoging...
I actually moved from N.C. To Ca. Thinking I could put her death behind me. I never had friends, my wife was...More
Posted by loss2013
someone please help me
I hate my life. I literally hate my life so bad I just want to die. I am so lonely all the time. I have an...More
Posted by buchacat
Too depressed to get help?
I am a single mom of 4, husband completely gone. My mom was helping, but passed away recently. I have...More
Posted by jaljewel
Toxic Relationship
I have been in a 19 year relationship rhat I thought would've been only max 1 year. I lived with a man who is...More
Posted by An_257583

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