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Cry Alone
Been on antidepressant for 17 years on and off. I am from Japan. My depression is cry alone. When I go to see...More
Posted by An_258709
Homeless and Depressed
I'm not sure where else to turn. I've tried everything in the town that my family and I live in but there is...More
Posted by An_258676
Robin WIlliams
Since so many were affected by his death, and since he will be missed so much, I wanted to start a discussion...More
Posted by rohvannyn
Counting the days until I die
I'm not sure if I can explain my thoughts in a way that can be easily understood, but I'll try. I'm currently...More
Posted by An_258671
drug induced akathisia
My daughter was diagnosed about 2 weeks ago with it. I'm so scared about her health. Plus the fact school is...More
Posted by boots1979
Intrusive Thoughts
It all started when my cousin died when I was 6. He was my only friend. And because I lost my friend...More
Posted by sabrinar26
counseling and theraphy
Last week was my first attempt to go to a counselor to have my depression be treated, he told me that the...More
Posted by jians
no help anywhere
Hello, I'm new here. I used to be on an anti-depression medication. I am actually still supposed to be...More
Posted by needsdirection13
A Better Day
In case you haven't read my previous post ... I've been struggling with depression my whole life but it has...More
Posted by onecatriot
Experience with Meds and Counseling
About a year ago my doctor put me on Lexapro and told me to go seek counseling. She said that it appears I've...More
Posted by cwu007
Don't think I can take it anymore!
Got hurt, lost my cheating wife, raising two girls on my own. Living with parents! NO SELF ESTEEM LEFT!!! No...More
Posted by An_258597
Does anyone know how to tell family and friends that you feel death is hard to gain control, yet you follow...More
Posted by An_258568
New here, need support really badly!
Hi, I have had depression most of my life and keep thinking that if I keep on keeping on that things will...More
Posted by dariajane2010
Tired of Faking It
I am so drained from pretending. I have tired every pill, too many therapist, meditation, self-discipline of...More
Posted by athena24
Im new here
Hello: I am new here, and new to online support groups in general. Although the worst and darkest period of my...More
Posted by ejanine
help plz
Since few days I was feeling like everything I eat is cming out back but no vomiting .....then it got better...More
Posted by fatima5177
pending crashing
I was just painting and all of a sudden I felt like something was strange inside me. my breathing shallows...More
Posted by An_258403
I feel like part of my brain shouldn't be there.
Hello, Since I hit puberty I have suffered from severe depression. I was technically undiagnosed until...More
Posted by clutch21
Porn searches?
My friend says she knows her husband watches porn and she's okay with that but recently she checked his...More
Posted by An_258443
Community for friends and family of depression suf...
I wanted to know if anyone would be interested in such a community. It would be a community on WebMD...More
Posted by rohvannyn

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My Depression is scaring me.
First off I would like to point out that i have been diagnosed on and off with depression since i was 15 until...More
Posted by aidenmp
No help
I posted a couple of weeks ago about being the spouse of someone who is depressed and I have just now gone...More
Posted by wearied
(Trigger) Struggling with Depression
I have been struggling with recurring major depression (I apologize if I am not using the technical terms...More
Posted by onecatriot
I have been on antidepressidents for many years trying one after another and still am trying to find...More
Posted by An_258403
I don't honestly know what to do
I am pretty sure I need help. I'm feeling really worthless, useless, pointless. Isolated and alone. ...More
Posted by crafter123
side effects?
I was started on Zyprexa on Thursday night. This replaced my seroquel. Starting Friday I was really dizzy....More
Posted by An_258397

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Sexual Problems from Meds..What to do!Expert
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