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Joined: 03/14/2013
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By day I am a customer service agent working with prescription insurance, I love serving my customers. I really anjoy making a positive difference when it's possible to do that. I am owned by two cats, a floofy calico and a tortoiseshell retriever. By night I am an artist working in acrylics, watercolors, graphite, and pastels.

My work can be found at

My novel, "The Dice of Fate," can be seen here:

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Reply: Trying to Trust God
Welcome to the group. Trust God if it makes you feel better, but in the meantime take...More
Posted by rohvannyn
Reply: Deep Grief and Depression and Evil
Don't worry about long posts, Crash1more. Sometimes it's good to vent. I can only saw...More
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Reply: It's hell living inside a severely depressed body...
Welcome, Jeffslady77! I agree with the person who said to be carful of trolls. But that...More
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Reply: Need someone to talk to - someone who understands
I'm sorry for not replying, I don't come here on the weekends. You have all my sympathy,...More
Posted by rohvannyn
Reply: I need help...
Give it a little time and then go and apologize. Emotions run really high at your age,...More
Posted by rohvannyn
Reply: Existential Depression - Valid & Very Real, But In...
If the normal "pleasures" of life don't satisfy, I wonder if an interest in some deep and...More
Posted by rohvannyn
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Reply: I'm in a black hole.
I am not a doctor but I am sure your change in meds was the cause. If your brain is used...More
Posted by rohvannyn
Reply: Never mind
You're welcome... and thank you for saying that. When I'm in a depressed state of mind,...More
Posted by rohvannyn
Reply: life without depression scares me
Hi, subterranian. I am sorry you are feeling bad. I wanted to let you know that it may be...More
Posted by rohvannyn
Reply: Why not make the most of it?
In an odd way, that reminds me of the philosophy of Bushido. I'm vastly simplifying this,...More
Posted by rohvannyn