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Joined: 03/14/2013
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By day I am a customer service agent working with prescription insurance, I love serving my customers. I really anjoy making a positive difference when it's possible to do that. I am owned by two cats, a floofy calico and a tortoiseshell retriever. By night I am an artist working in acrylics, watercolors, graphite, and pastels.

My work can be found at

My novel, "The Dice of Fate," can be seen here:

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Reply: At deaths door
Hi, I noticed nobody has responded yet so I wanted to give you a reply. You've been...More
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Reply: Living with husband who refuses help
Sounds rough. I've been through that too. He needs to hear, and understand, that being...More
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Reply: My boyfriend suffers with clinical agitated depres...
Sorry you are having such a tough time. I take it you are paying for everything since he...More
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Well, it's good that you have a job, I agree with that, but when a job is that damaging...More
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Reply: Looking for help
Sorry you are having to go through that, Freddy. The best advice I can possibly give, and...More
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Reply: Tanning booth therapy for depression
Not a bad idea, actually. You can also find some relief by going to a department store...More
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Reply: New to the group
Welcome, Catelephas! It's definitely a good thing to reach out, in one way or another,...More
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Reply: feeling down
Improvement takes practice and repitition. You have to learn new mental habits. That's...More
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Reply: Desperation
I felt exactly like that till I had my thyroid checked and found it was low. Plenty of...More
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Reply: Depressed and seeking help
Hi there, and welcome! There is hope. The answer is one step at a time. Yes, things can...More
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