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Joined: 04/14/2012
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Male, 60 yrs old. Never treated with depression until 3/11 after almost successful suicide attempt. Diagnosed with MDD, SAD. Life time of suppression, death of brother at age 13, really was a surrogate Dad. Dad was alcoholic, abusive. Mom was non-alcoholic but was abusive. Buried both without help of siblings,. Estranged from older brother and sister. They left after brother died, always felt abandon - finished H.S. years on my own emotionally. Took meds for a few months and a few months of counseling. Neither helped much - several meds tried. Started doing self education on depression. Doing better now then when on meds and counseling. Went broke with costs. Had other lingering medical bills which are large as well. Still have dark moods. But consideration of suicide hasn't been strong as in the past. Divorced after attempt. Just started writing my thoughts down in December of 2011. Not sure where its leading, but it's hard to stop once I start writing it out.

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Hello Again
Been absent for a little while. I'll be going through old posts to see how everyone has...More
Posted by Demons2011
Reply: Not doin good...
Hoping you start feeling better soon Susie Margaret.
Posted by Demons2011