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Reply: Dr. Schwartz:Question on taking two benzodiazepine...
Please be careful here and don't take both without seeing a doctor, usually a...More
Reply: Can't Hold a Job with Depression/Anxiety, Want to ...
You didn't say much about how your anxiety is in non-work-related situations....More
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Depression
This may not seem so strange when you look at what he went through. First he...More
Reply: my depression is ruinin my life
Hi Socalmsg There may be some others that will pick up on your statement ". ...More
Reply: Depresssion Returns
Glad to see someone is reading about this possibility of interactions that may...More
Is taking Percocet just not worth it
After I was diagnosed with FM back in 2009 my doctor (psychiatrist) tried...More
Reply: Depresssion Returns
I know this scenario well. Was on Elavil from 25 to about 40 when change...More
Reply: Terrified left on my own and no where to turn
Thank you so very much for your kind and supportive words. My heart goes out to...More
Terrified left on my own and no where to turn
Privately my depression has totally taken over my life. Disconnected from...More
Reply: Depression relapse
Almost 40 years on every depression med avail. Fibromyalgia in 2009 made...More