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Joined: 07/16/2012
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I grew up in Michigan City Indiana. My mom and dad have never been together since I was born. My dad has been married twice. My mom has been with her husband since I was 6. I lived with my mom until I was 7 years old. Then my mom gave me to my father so she could move into her boyfriends house. She moved to Florida when I was 13. My dad and his ex- wife got divorced when I was 10. I lived for a few years with my ex- stepmom and my half brother. When I was 14 I was taken away from my dad's ex wife by child services. I lived with my dad and his girlfriend at the time. When I was 17 my dad bought a house for him and I to live in. Him and his ex girlfriend broke up and he started dating his current wife. Me and her don't get along at all. She's a pathilogical liar and she used to start fights with me, and cause alot of issues between me and my father. When I turned 18 I moved with my boyfriend at the time. He was very emoitionally abusive, but sadly I preferred the abuse over living with my father and stepmom. After I graduated in 2008. (I was 19). I moved back to my fathers for a few months and broke it off with my boyfriend. After about 4 months of living with my dad I ended up talking and getting back together with my ex. I moved BACK with him to get out of my dad's house AGAIN. After another year of abuse I finally decided I didn't deserve the treatment. I moved into my uncle's house who lived no to far from my ex. He started stalking me and harassing me. I started talking to an old friend that lived in Jersey. I told him the whole story about my ex. He offered a place for me to start over and get away from the harassment. Little did we know it would be a relationship. We ended up becoming romantic and became a couple. I moved to New Jersey in December 2009. I got a job. My boyfriend bought me a car so that I could get a BETTER job. Then we ended up getting a place. He purposed to me for my birthday in March of 2011. We were married on July 16, 2011. My life has come so far. I am so happy with my life and love my husband and my dog Dallas so much. I have a great paying job with awesome benefits. An amazing husband who loves me with all his heart. And just a great life. Unfortinatly, I still struggle with depression from my past. I wish that I could just get rid of it, but it's not that easy. So I'm here. Hope to make new friends who can help me get through this.

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