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Effexor / Venlaflexine
Avoid taking this medication if at all possible. The side effects and withdrawal...More
Posted by SuzianStar
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Reply: "snap out of it"
I like to use an example to enlighten people about this idea that we can 'SNAP OUT IT"...More
Posted by SuzianStar
Reply: in need
My heart goes out to you. I know how you feel. It's awful. If the sadness won't relent,...More
Posted by SuzianStar
Reply: Disappointed in Viibryd
What is an orgasm? Sorry, my weak attempt at depression humor. I've been on...More
Posted by SuzianStar
Reply: new at this
Hi - I read your post and it reminds me about how as women we are so inclined to live...More
Posted by SuzianStar
Reply: Trigger
Hi - I'm reading your post and I'm thinking to myself....did I write this post and...More
Posted by SuzianStar
Reply: Mom has cancer
Hang in there!!! My Dad had cancer a few years back and it is very draining. It's good...More
Posted by SuzianStar
Reply: Living with a depressed spouse
Hi - I don't have a depressed spouse, but I understand depression as it runs in my...More
Posted by SuzianStar
Reply: Sick of not finding help!!
Dear 783031 - Sounds like you are feeling really down about yourself. I know how that...More
Posted by SuzianStar
Reply: Please someone talk to me!!!!
There are many anti-depressant medications that cost $4 per month. I had good luck with...More
Posted by SuzianStar