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My name is Nancy, I'm 55years old, and I have two grown children. I was so depressed, I wouldn't even take a shower,(for a week). That's when I found this site. Everybody on here was so sweet and they genuinely cared about me. It was great, & perfect timing. I couldn't have gone on much longer, without your help.

I would get on here 1st thing in the morning and one or all of my 5special friends, would ask me about last night, tell me to go eat something and to take a shower, then come back. There was about 5 of us that came on everyday, then, of course new people would come too. Almost everybody I knew then, are gone. It was when WMD changed there format, and it became difficult to find people to ans., or ask questions.

I missed all my friends on here, especially when I found out that I had stage III breast cancer. I had chemo first, to save as much of my breast as possible, so I could have a lumpectomy. I went to the hospital, for my lumpectomy, and they always do a mammogram 1st, to see exactly where the cancer is. While I had that done, a radiologist came in the room to ask me if I'd be shocked, or upset, if I needed a mastectomy? I almost fainted, and I couldn't breath. In 10min.,I went from getting to keep my breast, to having it amputated! Of course I was upset, I couldn't even wrap my brain around it. So they rescheduled my surgery for the next week. All I knew, was I had to get out of that room!

I know that I talk about God a lot, I just hope I don't turn people off, by doing it too much. I lived through a miracle, & feel that I need to share it, because everybody on this board can have them. All of us have a lot of miracle's during our lifetime, but we don't even recognize them.

Stage III is pretty serious, you can die. I came home from the surgeon in shock, ready to lose my mind.(I had never been this scared in my life) I laid down on my bed and begged God to please give me strength for me & to help my family.(they were worse off then me) I also asked him to please be right by my side, because I'd never been so scared, in my whole life. The next day when I woke up, I could feel him in bed with me(kind of attached) and I had no fear! I still have no fear, because I live with a super hero, I talk to him all the time, like he's standing next to me. It's the greatest feeling in the world.

During my chemo, I never threw up, never got ill,(all the other patients were getting ill because our white blood count were so low.) & I had no bone pain. You never would have known I was sick, if it weren't for my bald head. My sister always went with me, and we laughed the whole time we were there. Other people could hear us talking and laughing (because we both have loud mouth's, due to being raised in a family of six), so we kept them laughing too. It was nice knowing that we could make people happy, while they were in awful pain. That was 2 miracle's, then another one was, I woke up happy everyday and still do.

I was fortunate enough to get to move out of the dungeon, (my old apt. the cancer house, I hated it!) into my new beautiful apt. I know God found it for me, because I had no place to move that I could afford. And I had to be out of the dungeon, in two days. My sister & I went to look at one more place, even though I knew I couldn't afford it. When we got here, the girl in the office said,"oh, you came on the perfect day, we have one that's ready to move into today, if you want. Plus, we're having a special, one month free rent." I walked into this apt., and said," This is my house." I didn't mean to say it out loud, like a crazy person. It has window's from the floor to the ceiling in every room, crown molding, and I'm on the 3rd floor. From my balcony, all you see is sky. It's like living in Heaven. Six mo ago, I found out I have a brain tumor. I'll worry about that tomorrow.

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