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How do I get help?
I've been extremely unhappy for four years. I don't want to go to my school psychologist because he is...More
Posted by anonymous8521
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Sexual Problems from Meds..What to do!
Serotonin type antidepressants can cause 5-30% of the time- sexual problems such as no orgasm,...More
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I have a student who is depressed. He has abandonment issues and the death of his mother last summer sent him...More
Posted by An_202971
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good treatments
im under eighteen and have manic depression. i have tried to kill myself three times. i went...More
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need a doctor to let me now about a med
my husband takes this med called mirtazapine and was wondering if there is a higher dosage because he thinks...More
Posted by kc2010wv
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A frequently overlooked cause of depression is obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Have your PCP order a...More
Posted by goodbyesleepapnea
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Venting mechanism
I know everyone out there is frusterated. Living with a depressed spouse can be hard. And you never know what...More
Posted by atari84
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Have your Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) checke...
Hi... I have been dealing with depression for 40 years or more. About 2 years ago, one of my doctors...More
Posted by truindependent
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I am sharing this link I think it's worth...More
Posted by wylee21
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WRAP : Wellness Recoery Action Plan
If you are in a crisis, or feeling like you have tried evrything, WRAP can help. During crisis it can offer a...More
Posted by An_202968
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Give them attention, give yourself relief.
I suffer from depression and anxiety disorder. I have gone to weekly counseling and it sure helped. Since...More
Posted by servervirus
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decide what best med for you
been around different kind of medication, that include zoloft, and seroquel. But the seroquel cause me to...More
Posted by scgoldena
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iPhone app that helps me stay active
I've been using the "Feel Good Tracker" iPhone app to track my activities and to rate how good the activity made...More
Posted by lhd77
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If this guy can overcome depression we can
Please watch this I promise it will make you feel better More
Posted by Tony077
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Reep what you sow
Life is a gift. Live it and live it well. Killing yourself is a cry for help but can be fatal. Fatality means...More
Posted by sluwiggey
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left temple pain plus depression
I feel a constant squeezed sensation behind left eye in left temple area. It's there all the time and a lot...More
Posted by An_202966
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Unresponsive depression? Check for ADD
Hi, First time posting. A quick background: 50 year old female. Been suffering with the worst depression for...More
Posted by NCgirl333
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Hi, Just wanted to share two things that really helped me to get through the nausea of taking a new...More
Posted by rufuspooch
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Teen Boys
Interesting story at More
Posted by centralFlorida
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short term memory loss
Can i get my short term memory back and how.
Posted by casper315
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to whomever:
I have had depression for over 18 years now. I have my god days and bad days. But the bad days sometimes...More
Posted by calcedonia01
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How should therapists 'dose' therapy?
You can advocate for yourself once you know this. I posted a tip before on how to dose meds for...More
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Thomas L. Schwartz, MD, received his medical degree from and completed his residency in adult psychiatry at the State University of New York (SUNY) Up...More

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can you think about the positives in your life? You work hard. You know how to do that. That's pretty admirable. I Remind myself of little ... More
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