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left temple pain plus depression
I feel a constant squeezed sensation behind left eye in left temple area. It's there all the time and a lot...More
Posted by An_202966
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Unresponsive depression? Check for ADD
Hi, First time posting. A quick background: 50 year old female. Been suffering with the worst depression for...More
Posted by NCgirl333
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Hi, Just wanted to share two things that really helped me to get through the nausea of taking a new...More
Posted by rufuspooch
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Teen Boys
Interesting story at More
Posted by centralFlorida
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short term memory loss
Can i get my short term memory back and how.
Posted by casper315
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to whomever:
I have had depression for over 18 years now. I have my god days and bad days. But the bad days sometimes...More
Posted by calcedonia01
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How should therapists 'dose' therapy?
You can advocate for yourself once you know this. I posted a tip before on how to dose meds for...More
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reality finally hits
Yeah even when there are people around, they just can't understand.
Posted by casenumber
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What to do if you can't afford depression meds.
I couldn't afford my depression meds even with a full time job. I didn't have health insurance either. I made...More
Posted by An_202965
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DIagnosing Depression
There are many places around webMD for tools and checklists to help diagnose depression. We often...More
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Regarding Saphris
I take Saphris, a mood stabilizer along with Paxil for my depression. Since it make me sleepy, my doctor says...More
Posted by An_202964
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Low cost and no cost Prescription Programs
There are 3 ways listed here to find if there is assistance in obtaining your midications. For those of...More
Posted by kindnesshelps
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Helping someone with depression
As someone with depression and anxiety, I can truly understand the pain and confusion that family goes...More
Posted by An_202963
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Are all generics the same?
In the USA I think generics have to be within 15% of the original brand name drug. This means...More
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Me and my family faced a problem of loosing wife/mother in may 2009. I and oldier daughter are recovering,...More
Posted by An_202961
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I don't know what to do?
I just moved to Virginia and I am a disabled veteran going thru the V.A. for the past 20 yrs and it seems no...More
Posted by An_202960
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Do not change your meds...
without consulting your prescriber. I am very concerned with many, many posts where folks are...More
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Genetics and Depression
1. Depression may be inherited from family members. The more family you have that are depressed,...More
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Includes Expert Content
reading material
I purchased a book called Overcoming Depression One Step At A Time. It is what is called Behavorial Acitivation...More
Posted by ragu1
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Includes Expert Content
How does Saphris work?
I've been on AD meds for many years and I'm now also taking Saphris in addition to Paxil. How exactly does this...More
Posted by ria65
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Natural Antidepressants???
Hi I am 20 years old and I have delt with depression since I was 12. I think it was a result of how i...More
Posted by starcherie2003
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I really need someones help. Just tonight after years of pain, I've told my mom that I believe I have...More
Posted by Kaitlin93
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How should doctors dose antidepressants?
You can also advocate for yourself once you know this. 1- start at a dose lower than that usually...More
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How to more easily read discussions
Exchanges provide a more dynamic way to keep up with ongoing discussions. But If you're finding...More
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How to increase Font Size
Hold down the Ctrl key and the plus sign key at the same time. Do this as many times as you need...More
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Thomas L. Schwartz, MD, received his medical degree from and completed his residency in adult psychiatry at the State University of New York (SUNY) Up...More

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Counseling is good, but pick a goal and commit to it. If you are serious about being whole for your kids, then focus on that goal. When ... More
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