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Reply: Trouble taking meds
Are you in denial or what? The more often you forget your meds the worse off you're going to be. You do...More
Posted by bigred53
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Reply: Addicted to egg,s anyone else?
Consuming cholesterol does not beget high cholesterol you can eat egg yolks. I eat two or three eggs a day...More
Posted by lovenati1
Reply: How to gain weight with type 2
It is estimated that one in three T2DM diabetics are undiagnosed. The often mistaken belief that only...More
Posted by nutrijoy
Reply: Fasting Blood Sugar
Here's a graphical representation of the values that I go by. The upper set of values are target goals set by...More
Posted by nutrijoy
Reply: Newly Diagnosed T1 17 Year Old Girl
MJ, your response suggests that you possess a greater sense of self-awareness than many teens your age. I am...More
Posted by nutrijoy
Reply: Return of Type 2 diabetes after gastric bipass sur...
Yes exactly the same thing. I am 12years post gastric & just got diagnoses with Type 2. I am doing...More
Posted by bapojager
Reply: Diabetes and Gas??
I'm looking for an answer to the same exact question! I'm a type I diabetic with an insulin pump since age 7...More
Posted by katejt67
Reply: morning high readings
That is a common effect with many of us and it is due to something called the "Dawn Phenomenon" or "Dawn...More
Posted by nutrijoy
Reply: My endo visit
I think it's fantastic that you have so much support around managing diabetes. You're not leaving anything to...More
Posted by glucerna
Reply: Sex & high blood sugar levels
I'll have him mention it to his doctor at his next appointment. But not the chocolate body paints & the...More
Posted by pennya
Reply: Diabetes and Factor V Leiden
Did you inherit just one gene of FVL? Or have you have a blood clot/embolism before?
Posted by An_258318
Reply: my a1c is 7.9 got conceived
Congratulations on your pregnancy! Please check in with your physician as soon as possible, and also ask for a...More
Posted by glucerna
Reply: Carb Intake After Surgery
I respond to all fellow board members with the truth. My truth. Just because I share "my" truth, does not...More
Posted by brunosbud
Reply: uncontrolled diabetes
Are you new to diabetes? Just recently diagnosed? First of all, do NOT change any dosaging of medications by...More
Posted by auriga1
Reply: Flute how are you doing?
Thanks Auriga, I continue to do fine. Now I can drive again and am walking 1 mi. plus a few street hills...More
If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!
Posted by flutetooter
Reply: Copperhead bite
Good morning everyone! Hooty that is so sad about your friend. When I hear stories like that I realize how...More
Posted by bigred53
Reply: Responses to meds
No worries! I enjoy ready any and all real life experiences! Every bit of info can be helpful!!
Posted by neesy0225
Reply: things that RAISE your blood sugars:
Thanks for starting this list. It's important to know the potential causes of elevated blood sugar levels to...More
Posted by glucerna
Reply: insulin
You've gotten some excellent information loraro. If you want to learn more about diabetes and diabetes...More
Posted by glucerna
Reply: Bummed About My Beties
Hi Neesy, Glad to meet you. Sorry you are having troubles getting your sugars down. Diabetes makes one...More
Posted by hootyowl2
Reply: Overwhelmed !
Excellent advice, Nutrijoy, regarding the injecting of Humalog. Speaking from experience only. I do usually...More
Posted by auriga1
Reply: Have an icecream Bar and think it's Christmas!!
Thanks Bruno. I keep trying and imo that is the important thing. I'm not trying to be 'perfect' I'm trying to...More
Posted by bigred53
Reply: Diabetes and Dementia
He needs to have a comprehensive checkup. Mental confusion can be caused by any one of a number of things,...More
Posted by Anon_320
Reply: Confussion and forgetfulness
Confusion and forgetfulness can be caused by stress, urinary tract infections, medications, Lyme Disease,...More
Posted by Anon_320
Reply: Is my pain from a herniated disc or neuropathy due...
I have had 5 back surgeries between S1 and L2. L2 and L3 are fused and L4 and L% are fused together. I am...More
Posted by garybartel
Reply: How and Why to Report a Post
Hope you don't feel "delegated" to the unknown, but I never heard of the "NutriJoy" product myself. LOL. I...More
Posted by auriga1
Reply: numbness in fingertips and toes..Help
You should DEFINITELY see your doctor. There are many things that could be, some of them serious. HootyMore
Posted by hootyowl2
Reply: Fasting
Congrats.. I found this interesting article related to sugar that sugar effects on brain. ...More
Posted by jacobedward02
Reply: This worked for my leg pain..
I had a PA once, who kept misdiagnosing my leg pain and refused to acknowledge that I had diabetic...More
Posted by hootyowl2
Reply: Neuropathy or herniated disc pain??
My feet pain is directly affected by my activities. It can come on immediately.
Posted by garybartel

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Michael Dansinger, MD, is a nationally recognized authority on dietary and lifestyle counseling for weight loss and disease prevention. He is the nutr...More

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