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Reply: type 2 & fruit juices
Fruits have a lot of natural sugar in them. Some more than others. Juice alone is pure sugar with vitamins and...More
Posted by auriga1
Reply: Feeling frustrated
There is something going on here if you cannot get your numbers below 199. I am not a medical professional....More
Posted by auriga1
Reply: Diabetes Symptoms
My access to doctors is very limited and COSTLY. They're also youngsters and not necessarily "up" o this...More
Posted by j_robert
FDA OKs Drug for Diabetes-Linked Eye Condition
"The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday approved the use of Eylea, an injected drug, to treat...More
Posted by atti_editor
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Reply: Newly Diagnosed type 1. Need advice and help.
Two posts failed to get through because I included a table (copy & paste from a Word file). To get you...More
Posted by nutrijoy
Why Insulin Resistance May Be More Common in Men
Very interesting read. Would love to hear everyone's thoughts on this.
Posted by atti_editor
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Reply: cnadygirl53
I agree, you need to be seeing a pulmonary specialist. Chronic Bronchitis has a cause or a reason for it's...More
May the Blessings of the Lord be with you always. If you want to know more about me press on my picture. Debbie
Posted by debs_bears
Reply: vaginal irritation
Yeast infections are very common in diabetics. It is usually a sign of high blood sugar. To make sure what it...More
Posted by bigred53
Reply: fasting number always high.
Ann Weight watchers is a good program. There's a great weight loss support group right here on webmd. It's the...More
Posted by bigred53
Reply: ?? for people on Metformin 500MG ER
I just found this: similar to Metformin: Swallow Glumetza tablets whole. Never crush, split or chew Glumetza...More
Posted by stmaas
Diabetes | User study
Hi All, I am doing a user study to understand the current approach of how people prevent/manage diabetes. To...More
Posted by onkaar
Why Isn't There Any Cheap, Generic Insulin?
"New research examines why people with diabetes who depend on injections of lifesaving insulin still have...More
Posted by atti_editor
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Reply: New discovery....Help
Thank you all. Your suggestions was very helpful
Posted by emperor23
Reply: newby at the diabetes count etc...
First of all, Lizz, so sorry about your loss. Devastating for anyone. Lizz, there is a learning curve when it...More
Posted by auriga1
Reply: This never-ending battle... Ugh
Those numbers seem to be within the normal range. They shouldn't be too worrying. Maybe you should take your...More
Posted by alcf1007
Reply: Cortisone and blood sugar
I've had steroid injections which elevated my blood glucose readings for about 3 days. It is important to...More
Posted by An_255018
Reply: Leg cramps with Metformin
It is never wise to experiment with medication without talking to your doctor first. Are you just on the...More
Posted by An_255018
Reply: Did Well, Now ... No
The good news is you've learned the most valuable secret that anyone with a serious, life-threatening health...More
Posted by brunosbud
Reply: Spike in BS to 250. Unsure why
Thank you. We're definitely eating home for a while.
Posted by java201
Reply: Spike in BS to 250. Unsure why
Much better -- 137. Is that true about MSG? Thanks for the input! Much appreciated!!More
Posted by java201
Reply: cinammon supplements to reduce glucose
This WebMD article states that: In one study, volunteers ate from 1 to 6 grams of cinnamon for 40...More
Posted by nutrijoy
Reply: Insulin dependent and injections "backing out"
LOL, Mrs. Cora. Really, it is not funny, but L's post is the same identical response to two entirely different...More
Posted by auriga1
Reply: Medication
Diane, I agree with Mrs. Cora. The glyburide you are taking is one of the most potent sulfonylrea drugs on...More
Posted by auriga1
Reply: Anyone know the cost the Lantus Insulin Pen Or....
If you have a limited income Humalog is free thru Lilly Cares.
Posted by pebblesn88
Reply: Diabetes and Dementia May Be Linked
Helperdude since your father has type 2 you have a greater chance of developing diabetes yourself. You might...More
Posted by bigred53
Reply: coffee
Now I am confused about coffee - I drink it everyday 3 - 12oz cups and my sugars are fine. I am type 2 no...More
May the Blessings of the Lord be with you always. If you want to know more about me press on my picture. Debbie
Posted by debs_bears
Reply: Metformin seems to make my glucose levels higher
cher76, It is never a good idea to stop taking any prescription medication without discussing it with your...More
Posted by An_255018
Reply: insulin and tooth decay
I think I sort of answered my own question. my doctor put me back on metformin 1000 mg x2. I had also been...More
Posted by woodworker3
Reply: It's been 2 months already -
Thanks Flute, Auriga and MrsCora for the well wishes - I still have the wound vac. but the incisions are...More
May the Blessings of the Lord be with you always. If you want to know more about me press on my picture. Debbie
Posted by debs_bears
Reply: Losing wieght on an Insulin pump
As a type 1 pumper I found that what worked for me was gradual changes. I know you have a time schedule, but...More
T1 1966, Dialysis 2001, kidney transplant and pump 2002, pancreas transplant 2008
Posted by mrscora01

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