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I am a type2 diabetic with a cold
My blood sugar is 229 a last ate 10hrs ago is it the cold that has my sugar out of whack please anybody can...More
Posted by daichi12
Next chapter in my life
Hello. Just starting this new journey. A1C came in at 8.7; totally blindsided me. PCP put me on Metformin which...More
Posted by pajoo49
testing in pairs
Has anything been posted on this group about testing in pairs? In the October issue of Diabetes Self Management...More
Posted by max9821
Diabetic Bowel Neuropaphy
I have type 2 diabetes and it is well controlled on medication. I have been diagnosed with Diabetic Bowel...More
Posted by codariccia

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I really think it is the vitamins I'm taking.
Posted by An_260189
What is the most effective exercise for reducing your A1C
Posted by sascace1
Really Interesting Posts Lately
Thank you all for the detailed posts on diet and their effects on you. Our bodies are all different. One of...More
If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!
Posted by flutetooter
Blood Sugar level on the Border
My fasting blood sugar level is 98.....should I be concerned?
Posted by D121JLS
Fasting blood sugar
I have Type 2 diabetes. My blood sugar is well under control. Fasting in the morning is in the range 99...More
Posted by floridadude
More Info on Eating Plans
There have been recent questions about diets and eating plans. I'm starting a new post so as not to hijack...More
If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!
Posted by flutetooter
Should I be concerned?
I am a thin 50 year old woman. Recently my doctor ran an a1c in routine blood work and it was 5.6. She...More
Posted by shellandmax
reducing dependency on diabetic medication
I have been on Victoza for less than a year. I am approaching retirement age and am able to qualify of...More
Posted by An_260120
Question for Bruno
I know you take no meds for diabetes and that is not necessarily my goal. I'm curious about what you typically...More
Posted by bigred53
Recently Diagnosed
I was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, I have been put on Janumet 2x per day. I am finding that...More
Posted by lisaprice9
Thanks for the Enlightenment
I test after my morning routine and am usually concerned about the reading. Never thought to test before...More
Posted by LadyPraz
Signs for Type 2 Diabetes
What are the signs of a Type 2 diabetic? My husband has family history of diabetes and I think he is well on...More
Posted by An_260036
In denial for too long
I was diagnosed type 2 5 years ago. I have been in denial all this time. My a1c have ranged from 8 to 13. I...More
Posted by An_260012
Family History Of Diabetes
I have a family history of diabetes, so is it more important to eat healthy or work out regulary?
Posted by An_260005
use of cortizone with Type 2 Diabetes
My 90 year old father-in-law has Type 2 Diabetes and suffers from severe left hip joint arthritis which...More
Posted by joefish
Could I be diabetic?
my fasting sugar level this morning was 168 and before lunch it was 68. what does this mean? I was sick for a...More
Posted by irma0709

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Could I be diabetic?
Low blood sugar
All week I've been feeling light headed and headaches after eating something sweet. Went to the clinic to get...More
Posted by jomel25
true track vs true 2 go
I was worried that I might be a diabetic because i started experiencing what i though was a symptom of diabetes...More
Posted by fl1981
Finally on Metformin
After 4 years of successfully keeping my numbers in the pre diabetes range with limiting total grams of...More
If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!
Posted by flutetooter
Anyone been able to get off of medication for Diab...
So I was diagnosed 2 years ago with Type 2 Diabetes. I started out taking Metformin and Insulin. I've been...More
Posted by An_259899
Fasting high blood sugar
Does anyone know why blood sugar will go up at night. My husband seems to get a fasting blood sugar high...More
Posted by An_259887
Type 2 diabetes
I was recently diagnosed with Type 2. Up until now I have usually drank alot of apple juice with no sugar...More
Posted by maurie37
Is it diabetes
My 19year old son had a glucouse of 53. Ihe doesnt have diabetes. Is this the beginning of it should I get him...More
Posted by maddy525
At what stage one becomes diabetic
My Glucose level has been around 99 to 110 in the last 5 years. My last blood test result in July was 106 so...More
Posted by An_259812

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