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I have been on the same dosage of Metformin and Glyburide since 2007. My A1c has been consistently between...More
accelerate out of the corners
Posted by dianer01
I seem to crave coffee, no sugar no milk. As I am new to this (diabetes 2 without medication) : is any amount...More
Posted by smac123
Losing wieght on an Insulin pump
I would love to know if anyone at all has useful advice on how to lose weight while on an insulin...More
Posted by bridetobeoninsulin

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How do you safely lose weight on an insulin pump?
  • Type 2 diabetic diet
  • Insulin and weight control
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insulin and tooth decay
I started on insulin a year ago. prior to that I had no tooth problems. but in the last year I have had all...More
Posted by woodworker3
Blood glucose levels, A1C and steroids
My doctor dx'd me as pre-diabetic. The only testing she has done has been for A1C, never blood glucose. My A1C...More
Posted by randigb
Prednisone & Blood sugar
I have Myasthenia Gravis (M/G) and 3 months ago spent 7 days in ICU with a M/G crisis. During that stay,...More
Posted by donkeyman33
Big change
Just wanted to say I am now a non smoker. I am 6 months out without a cigarette. I do use an electronic, but...More
Posted by liladieni
risks of high blood glucose events without elevate...
Perhaps I'm confused, but I occasionally eat unwisely and have subsequent quite elevated glucose level reading....More
Posted by ozwa9
Cold Sweat Watches Yea? or Nay?
My husband (35) is a type1 since he was seven. We've been married ten years. Nighttime low blood sugar is...More
Posted by mommacede
Help with Metformin and symptoms
My husband has been diagnosed with Type 2. He was on Metformin 500mg, twice a day. Our new doctor has changed...More
Posted by msforza
It's been 2 months already -
In Dec. 17th I had a surgery to relocate my ostomy and things didn't go as planned. Sorry for the delay in...More
May the Blessings of the Lord be with you always. If you want to know more about me press on my picture. Debbie
Posted by debs_bears
I need an Answer
When a person has kidney failure and refuses to take dialysis, with congestive heart failure and is a Type 2...More
Posted by An_261292
Spikes while sleeping
I take metformin, byetta & onglza. My daytime sugar ranges from 93-106 normally. while I sleep thru the...More
Posted by megw0827
Diabetes Type II and Measles
My husband works at an elementary school. He has been exposed to so much stuff and has finally developed some...More
Posted by An_261234
Adult onset
Blood glucose went unchecked for more than a year. When checked it was 238. Medications adjusted. Does it...More
Posted by lralston1
"Normal" Blood Sugars
Session 16 of Dr. Bernstein's University covers the topic of normal/ideal blood sugars in the general...More
Posted by nutrijoy
Catch-up From Flutetooter
I am maintaining my A1c and fasting average under extreme duress, since my husband slipped on the ice and...More
If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!
Posted by flutetooter
Diabetic walking in the dark
I have type 2 and right now my A1C is hovering at 7.1, down from 7.8. This condition is awful. My doctor...More
Posted by An_261154
A1C Question
I was diagnosed three months ago with type 2 diabetes. my A1C was 6.6. Since then I have started a low carb...More
Posted by sbunit915
Question Concerning Novolog 70/30 Flexpen
Hello! Someone in my family began taking Novolog 70/30 flexpen back in December. They were no informed...More
Posted by 4everchristian
Attended CES earlier this month but ...
there really wasn't anything new and exciting on the diabetes front. Just lots of health tracking software,...More
Posted by nutrijoy
how do you handle novolog while out
I have been on novolog for about 4 months now. I'm having trouble trying to figure out how to carry my pen and...More
Posted by rtorbet
Drs aren't concerned about my A1C, but dietician s...
I am 66 years old. Last spring, when I had my Medicare wellness exam, my doctor said my A1C was 6.4 and that...More
Posted by An_261015
sour stomack with diabeths
Posted by jlc1257
disparity of readings
Due to our insurance change, my wife had to get a new meter. She chose the Accuchek Nano which is giving high...More
Posted by rubalea
brown seaweed
Hi, I have just recently learned that I am borderline type 2 - it runs in my family on my mother's side. I get...More
Posted by daniel46
Just learned I was type 2!!!
Is there anything I should be doing besides exercise, dieting and meds.
Posted by willied409
insulin while pregnant
I've been trying to find some answers and keep coming up empty handed hope to find some kind out answers...More
Posted by shorty46122

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could this have happened due to the insulin injections or the amount of insulin I was injecting
  • yes it was explain reason
  • no it wasn't explain reason
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Good News
I went to the doctor yesterday mostly to get a prescription for my pain meds. New law. Anyway I've lost ten...More
Posted by bigred53
How much insuline to use?
I lost the chart to know how much insuline to use. Got up this morning and my sugar is 207.Can someone help?
Posted by Cialena1972

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normal reading
My Dr. said I have diabetes my a1c level is 6.5 and wants me to take Metformin 500mg. I took my bs test and it was 103 after I ate. I have ... More
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