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itchyness with sugar
I am pre diabetic, why does my skin get itchy specially the skin folds after eating anything sweet?
Posted by Anon_125969
Forgot insulin 12 hours ago
I have realised that I forgot my insulin 12 hours ago. I am due to take it again in 12 hours time. What...More
Posted by edwardjburgess
diabetes and heart
hello to all, yesterday I went to the Dr. and was having trouble with my chest I was having dizzy spells...More
Posted by cnadygirl53
My A1C was 7.5. My sugar surged to 305 and my doctor added a new insulin to take before eating. I am now...More
Posted by An_263746
My husband needs help
Hi there I had a question about my husbands health that is concerning me, he recently was diagnosed with...More
Posted by erkgillett
Last week I went for For colonocepy at which time they did blood work and found my sugar was 300. Needless to...More
Posted by gkprice82
Pre-diabetes and skinny
I was just diagnosed as pre-diabetic. i am having a hard time finding good information because it is all...More
Posted by goplayoutside
Blood Sugar raiser overnight
My blood sugar often raises overnight without eating or drinking anything after 8:00 pm. Has anyone else...More
Posted by 7stars
New to community
All: Thanks for being part of this community - I'm not diabetic but its a big concern as a i get older....More
Posted by confucion
How Do You Keep Your Blood Sugar Steady?
Does anyone have any advice on how to keep blood sugar steady throughout the day? -- anything from when to...More
Posted by atti_editor
Diabetes breakfast
I find that staying away from carbs for breakfast helps set the tone for my meals during the rest of the day.
Posted by An_255858
My hemoglobin A-1C was 6.0 and I was pregnant. They redid my hemoglobin A-1 C in the second trimester and it...More
Posted by An_263561
Metformin and menapause
I have been prescribed metformin to control my blood sugar. I have been taking it for 4 days. One of the...More
Posted by An_263528
Want To Know the Most Common Problem Facing ER Doc...
Want To Know the Most Common Problem Facing ER and Urgent Care Doctors in America? 3 out 4 patients have...More
Posted by brunosbud
danger levels
My mother-in-law has diabetes, type 2 I think she takes pills, she won't tell us but when her son took her to...More
Posted by An_263476
Blood spike
I tested my blood sugar it was 49 then ten min later it was 105 why is that
Posted by mrsnuggles2016
Bood Sugar spike, unknown reason
Hello everyone, It's been a while since I've posted, and the last month has been chaotic to say the least....More
Posted by liladieni
Fatigue and diabete
I am tired most of the time, even when I sleep really good. I am on medication for type ll diabetes and I am...More
Posted by msluki
I have just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and have a couple of questions. One, my Dr. is not too...More
Posted by TeBoy1

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3 months diagnosed, Dr. still has not prescribed any meds with high BG.
Hands and feet get numb and tingly.
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Epidural How long will my sugar stay elevated
I have type two diabetes had a epidural on Friday June 12,2015 and sugar reading staying around 200 or just...More
Posted by An_263421
Just a warning about the Freestyle Lite company. We tried 3 times to get a free meter. No response 3 times. I...More
Posted by dbuske
So far doing better on my numbers
I have been doing pretty good on my eating plan trying hard to limit carbs and add more fruits and...More
Posted by pennypincher1956
Just relized I use to be on this group
Wow I can not believe this is the same group.This is slipper Man I can not believe I did not relize...More
Posted by pennypincher1956
Frankenstein boot/aka a 'cam boot'...
Hi Everyone. I have not been able to visit here in a long time. Sorry. Back in April the power company...More
Posted by hootyowl2
what do you eat for breakfast?
Hello I am new so I am asking a lot of ???? .I am not new to diabetes and steady weight gain.What do...More
Posted by pennypincher1956
dasani water drops and Diabetes type 2
My husband has type 2 diabetes and has had a hard time drinking so much water so I searched and found that...More
Posted by yolandanm
forgot some info
I forgot on my first post about loss and fluid pills and etc. I have a ,AIC of 9 and my numbers are...More
Posted by pennypincher1956
Blood sugar lows when takeing fluid pills
I am taking a fluid pill and I noticed i have had three lows after I pass a lot of fluid.A low for me...More
Posted by pennypincher1956

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