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Away for Now
I will be off the site for quite a while and will miss the regulars. Diabetes is SO hard to conquer as a...More
If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!
Posted by flutetooter
Is my pain from a herniated disc or neuropathy due...
How can I tell if its pain from herniating a disc in my lower back or if its neuropathy due to diabetes? More
Posted by garybartel
I was recently diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. I have a family history of the diseas on my mother's side of...More
Posted by Rutgersguy
Am I going crazy or just pre-diabetic?
I'm working with my Endocrinologist, but want input from others and HOPEFULLY, a statement that says "you're...More
Posted by pauper72
Fiber Plus bars
Has anyone tried these? I have a customer who brings me them on a regular basis. 26 carbs, 9 fiber, 2...More
Posted by singlenscared
Diabetes Mellitus??
I recently had my A1c tested and my results were indicative of pre-diabetes. The same day I also had a blood...More
Posted by gvh01
Type 1 diabetic
I am 29 yrs old and recently (6 months) diagnosed as type 1 diabetic due to an auto immune attacking my pancreas....More
Posted by mnd85
Kick start
I've known for nearly 2 years that I am a diabetic and I have spent most of that time in denial. As you all...More
Posted by winterglow
What about the rural non westernized Chinese that eat a diet that is over 90% rice.....massive amounts of...More
Posted by jc3737
hypoglycemia ??
My blood sugar has been dropping to levels around 60 to 66 a few times, within the last few weeks, 52 this...More
Posted by kristin_hope
Should I trust my Dr?
I hadn't been to a Dr in 5 years. Decided to have a physical ....Dr said my a1c was 11 and put me on...More
Posted by singlenscared
Advice on food
I am 69 and have dibetes 2 since last 35 years. I take 6mg. of glimperide in the morning and 1000 mg. of...More
Posted by spverma
Paranoid, or diabetes?
For the past year or so I've been eating fast food (McDonald's etc) at least once a week, usually on a lunch...More
Posted by An_257673
What do the numbers mean?
I've looked it up but because I suspect I have something going on with my blood sugar I was hoping to get some...More
Posted by dianecc1
I just found out my 19 year old daughter has diabetes how we find out was she had to be admitted in the...More
Posted by kayante04
I just found out my 19 year old daughter has diabetes how we find out was she had to be admitted in the...More
Posted by kayante04
Total Glucose 120
My doctor told me my glucose level is 120 . I am 68 years old . He says its borderline diabetes . That it...More
Posted by raycal
Cancer at the age of 47
I am trying to learn more about colon cancer. My husband of 27 years and 47 years old is going in for surgery...More
Posted by sherbera
Insulin Resistance
Has anyone else developed a resistance to insulin. I am a type 2 diabetic and have been one for about 16...More
Posted by pamelacrisp
Dehydration Liquid
What is a good dehydration liquid for diabetics - one that doesn't contain too many sugars/carbohydrates?...More
If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!
Posted by flutetooter
Please help me understand, so freaked out what is ...
I have applied for life insurance. I'm 35, I went for blood and urine work and have been declined due to my...More
Posted by joomlarocks
What is A1c ive never seen this term can somebody plz explain what this us and mean?
Posted by iwannalivelife
living with diabetes
Thanks for all the replues. My numbers have been good since my lasy posting. Ive been ranging between...More
Posted by iwannalivelife
PGX - fiber
Has anyone ever tried or used PGX (polyglycoplex) ? It is supposed to be a wonder fiber that has the...More
If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!
Posted by flutetooter
Melatonin supplements effect on diabetes
Can anyone tell me if it is afe for a diabetic to take melatonin 3mg supplements to assist with sleep?
Posted by chazmc
I am type II diabetic, with NASH, constant edema and chronic pain. I can not take anything for the...More
Posted by michellejeff
thank you to everyone for your responses. they were helpful.
Posted by abitscared

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