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type 1 diabetes
wife had upper and lower scope today.she has been fasting for 36 hours. blood suger above 400 all day ....More
Posted by smbdoggielover
Return of Type 2 diabetes after gastric bipass sur...
I lost 170 lbs due to gastric bipass surgery. I had the surgery 4 years ago and have kept my weight at a...More
Posted by An_243880
Best Thing To Eat To Lower Sugar?
So my sugar has been high for sometime but I hope I can change that with diet. What would be some of the...More
Posted by TilapiaMan
Insulin Vs Coumadin
Can Insulin alter the efficacy of Coumadin therapy?
Posted by dorothuy
More Food For Thought: Lose Weight by Achieving Op... Optimal Ketosis purports the benefits...More
Posted by brunosbud
family history
Need some advice. Diabetes in family history; whats best for me to avoid besides healthy diet and exercise or...More
Posted by mikew1967
What should I do?
Should I join a Diabetes class? I was diagnosed 10 years ago. My Physician at that time, I lived in California,...More
Posted by jodotty

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Pacemaker Installed
After dealing just fine with bradycardia (low heartbeat) for 15-20 years with no noticeable symptoms, it...More
If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!
Posted by flutetooter
Testosterone Booster
I have a question about a Testosterone booster. I am a type 1 diabetic, and have many health issues, which I...More
Posted by justme1976
dangers of insulin taken orally instead of injecte...
what would happen if y ou take novolog/ correction insulin( fast acting) insulin orally instead of injected? More
Posted by An_255349
Good News and Bad
1st the good: My A1c this morning was 5.7, instead of the usual 6.0-6.4 over the last year. Mostly, I'm...More
If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!
Posted by flutetooter
Diabetes and fasting
My diabetes doctor currently has me on a bed time snack plan because my blood sugar drops in the morning. Now...More
Posted by An_255325
Please help. Just diagnosed with diabetes 2.
Hi, I was just diagnosed today with diabetes 2. I am feeling shame and gguilt, and I don't know why. I am...More
Posted by ninajanemarie
I'm back just for a little bit (Sugar been spiking...
Hello Web M.D. type II diabetes group. I've been out of the spotlight but I've been thinking I should try...More
Posted by mustang37b
Non-Arteritic Optic Neuropathy
Has anyone been diagnosed with this, and what does it mean for you? I was just diagnosed by a...More
Posted by An_255303
high blood glucose of 106 but AC! is normal
I am confused. I just visited a diabetes educator and she said I did not have diabetes since my AC1 is...More
Posted by Anon_128925
Type I Diabetes
I was diagnosed in 2006 as having type I diabetes, according to my doctor, at that time, because I am taking...More
Posted by artmin
Posted by balajisingh
advertising policy
webmd has an advertising policy. No advertisements or solicitation for business. Yet glucerna, a product, is...More
Posted by max9821
blood sugrar redaing in AM
until recently my blood sugar in the morning was in the mid 110. All of sudden it's creeping up to high...More
Posted by An_255247
Is Byetta a non insulin medication and can it be taken with Metformin.
Posted by cntrystep
Please help me understand "coding". What is it, what does it means, etc.?
Posted by An_255210
Please help me understand "coding". What is it, what does it means, etc.?
Posted by An_255210
Thyroid disease and diabetes
Do not go hand in hand.... I am so frustrated. My sugar has been fine for years then I started getting...More
Posted by debs_bears
Teas - Sugar level management
I've learnt about Fortified Kamelia teas ( that have been created as a way to manage...More
Posted by An_255197
Morning numbers too high
I am on Metformin and my numbers will be low at night and eating nothing after that when I wake up my numbers are...More
Posted by dmh22
type 2
I am a type 2 for a year and half. My sugar goes has high has 260 and stay there for a week are so then it...More
Posted by bikermom01

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