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Reply: Fatigue
Bruno had posted (since removed by the thought police): " Can anyone explain to me why...More
Posted by nutrijoy
Reply: lantus and Glucotrol
Lantus is a long-acting basal (background) insulin that is normally used to "stabilize"...More
Posted by nutrijoy
Reply: increase in fasting blood sugar readings
The questions that you raise should best be discussed with a competent physician that is...More
Posted by nutrijoy
Reply: diuretics & diabetes
That is a fairly well-documented side effect of HCTZ. Less certain is whether you can say...More
Posted by nutrijoy
Reply: Should I be concerned?
Technically, based on current protocols, you will not be diagnosed as diabetic until your...More
Posted by nutrijoy
Reply: Pre-Diabetes condition
PCOS acquired its popular name due to the appearance of multiple (poly) ovarian cysts...More
Posted by nutrijoy
Reply: Diabetic pasta lovers read below
Flute, you were partially correct the first time. Fiber is generally not digested in the...More
Posted by nutrijoy
Reply: High Blood Sugar after Breakfast
About 58% of ingested protein does convert to glucose although it is at a very slow rate....More
Posted by nutrijoy
Reply: Prediabetes in teenagers
Welcome to the forums, Sophia. Most of the "regulars" on this site are old enough to be...More
Posted by nutrijoy
Reply: PWD “SHOULD EAT” Candy or other sugary foods ....
The photo did not display due to the damaged server-forum software that WebMD has still...More
Posted by nutrijoy