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Reply: risks of high blood glucose events without elevate...
If I was in a rubber raft floating down the Amazon and it was leaking air, aside from the...More
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Reply: Big change
I not a big party person but I truly regret not having one when I quit smoking and booze....More
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Reply: I need an Answer
Imminent death and a welcomed, lasting peace, at it should be. More
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Reply: Adult onset
I'm willing to bet your cousin doesn't complain despite feeling bad because she knows ...More
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Reply: Diabetes Type II and Measles
"...persons born during or after 1957 who received killed measles vaccine or measles...More
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Reply: A1C Question
The DNA sequence between Shaquille O'neal and Betty White is 99.9% identical. And, you...More
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Reply: Diabetic walking in the dark
There one thing everybody can control, right now, that has the greatest impact on the...More
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Reply: Drs aren't concerned about my A1C, but dietician s...
When you are in the process of disease reversal, there are many indicators, both...More
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Reply: brown seaweed
1. If brown seaweed had, in fact, the healing powers suggested by Ocean's Bounty's...More
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Reply: How Does Saturated Fat Cause High Cholesterol?
What good is sustaining a diet with (or without) saturated fats if you do this??? ...More
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